Why Vision Boards Work – Manifesting in 2019

If New Years Resolutions are daunting for you, here’s a great way to help guide you in 2019; a Vision Board.

To create a Vision Board, you need to set clear, simple intentions about what makes you feel happy, fulfilled and connected with your life, such as fun, learning, family, and adventure.

An old-fashioned way to create a Vision Board is to stick images, magazine or brochure pictures on to a large cardboard as an expression of what these values or intentions mean to you in reality.

There are now Apps and social media platforms for creating a Vision Board.

The Key: you need to do the thinking. You need to listen to your inner voice, your gut, your heart, your soul.

Don’t let the format of your Vision Board distract you from the importance of a clear intention. Wayne Dwyer can help you create a clear intention HERE

When you place your Vision Board where you can see it, you will be reminded of the good things that make your life worthwhile.

Through the Law of Attraction, looking at your Vision Board will keep you on track to achieving your intentions.

This is the crux. This is why Vision Boards work!

Your dreams and ideals, values and desires, when made tangible and visible, open up the possibility for them coming true, increases the likelihood of your body’s cells cooperating with these beliefs, and your intentions becoming more of a probability than a possibility. You’ll have announced to the Universe what you desire, and the Universe will honour your intentions.

No longer will you flip from one idea to the next losing sight of what’s important to you.

Visually representing your hopes and loves can change your life, one memory cell at a time. 

You will empower yourself to be responsible for the achievement of your own goals and dreams. Not only that, but if you’re motivated by the goodness you see in your life, you’ll feel better about yourself and what you’re doing in the present moment, knowing you’re growing small steps at a time in the best direction for you.

There’s a lot of high profile help to create and expand on your personal Vision Board:
Deepak Chopra – how to use this manifestation tool
Oprah Winfrey – beyond the Vision Board
Wayne Dwyer – choosing your own greatness

For a step-by-step guide to create a Vision Board, you can look at THIS from Mindvalley:      A powerful tool

If you notice that Health, Wellness and Relationships top your list of desires on your Vision Board for 2019, then find a practitioner who can help you achieve your goals on the Expect Me Directory HERE

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