What is a Wellness Coach?

Working with a Wellness Coach should be an inspiring, empowering and motivating experience.

What is a Wellness Coach?

A Wellness Coach is a professional who makes a valued assessment of your current physical and emotional health, and helps you set goals for what you want to achieve in your overall health and wellness.  Together you create and Get Started on a Plan of Action to help you reach these goals. You can do this online, or in person.

What Does a Wellness Coach Do?

You may find your Wellness Coach also works at a local gym, hospital, in a clinic, or school.

Your Wellness Coach will work with you to achieve your goals in the short term, and guide you towards your long-term goals as well.

As coaches can vary depending on their specialisation or certification, Expect Me will help you Get Started, to find the right coach to suit you – The key is for you to get the best out of every session with your Wellness Coach.

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How Can a Wellness Coach Help?

Depending on the area of focus, and the Wellness Coach’s expertise and education, a Wellness Coach may be able to help with setting goals with clients for improved:

  • nutrition counselling
  • exercise and movement
  • mental and emotional health
  • lifestyle changes and healthy habits

Your Wellness Coach will work closely with you to give you all the tools you need to reach your agreed goals. This includes guided programs, information and self-help resources.

Wellness Coaches are help you stay on track as you make key lifestyle changes.

Wellness Coaching and What to Expect

Initially, a Wellness Coach will be interested in hearing about your personal situation, past experiences, and your goals. The first step is usually a discussion with the Wellness Coach to find out:

  • what is important to you,
  • why you are looking for help and
  • what you want to achieve.

You’ll then create an action plan for working on your goals.

When Do You Need a Wellness Coach?

If you think that having someone help you identify your goals, strengths and challenges, and then support you along the way to achieving your health and wellness goals, then you might benefit from a Wellness Coach.

Expect Me helps find the Wellness Coach to suit you. Click HERE  to get started.

Examples of When People May Benefit From a Wellness Coach

There are many reasons and ways a Wellness Coach can help, for example:

  • Due to a newly diagnosed medical condition that requires lifestyle changes ie diabetes, anxiety or depression;
  • When you want to make a lifestyle change, such as lose weight, reduce stress, or quit smoking;
  • If you want to improve your health or well-being in general; or
  • If you want to prevent an illness or injury from getting worse

Finding a Certified Wellness Coach

It’s important to find the Wellness Coach that best suits your style. Get Started with Expect Me to have the conversation with us to find out who you have locally to help you achieve your wellness goals.

You can search our Wellness Directory HERE

Or, you may want to check with your doctor or a local hospital or clinic in your area to see if they have a qualified and reputable Wellness Coach to recommend to you.

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Website Article by Mila Araujo Updated October 23, 2019

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