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    Welcome to expectme – a collection of holistic health and wellbeing professionals 

    expectme is where we’ll introduce you to the region’s trusted health and wellbeing ‘gems’, and you can BROWSE, BOOK, and BUY what you need to feel BETTER.

    So make the next few moments here on expectme count. Watch your posture. Chin in, back straight, shoulders down, tummy in. Breathe.

    Here at expectme we know small steps in the right direction are important, so if you’re not sure what’s best to do first, we can help you get started. Leave your contact phone number, and we’ll match you with a suitable health care professional to get you pointed in the right direction.

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    So, what’s next? Here are three Feature Businesses that may head you in the right direction:

    Physical: Fitness – Studio9 Fitness, Leeton and Narrandera

    Studio9 Fitness is more of a “wellness centre” for the whole family, where you can feel comfortable and at peace in your own skin – whatever shape and size you are. Owners Warren and Deral Weir are hands-on instructors, with a team of dedicated and professional staff who help you work out and reach your goals.

    Get your heart pumping and stretch your boundaries at a time that suits you – Open 24 hours, 7 days a week, Studio 9 Fitness offers unique health and fitness features such as Women’s Only Area, Kids’ crèche, group fitness, purna and hot yoga classes and boot camps. If it’s cardio and strength equipment you love, they’ve got it covered with a full range of state-of-the-art equipment here, runners and rowing machines, spin bikes and all the gadgets too.

    Go to Studio9 Fitness

    Nutrition: Wellness @ Ten Park Avenue, Leeton and surrounds

    Sue Gavel is genuine when it comes to friendships, community advocacy and family. She’s surrounded by good people, good health and good quality essential oil products from doTERRA. In fact, Sue conducts popular workshops where you can “Make and Take” your own 5ml bottles of essential oil remedy.

    Sue can help you make the blends that you need. Sue provides blends for the immune system, respiratory and digestive support, sleep, mood management, focus, hormone helper, skin conditions and even a perfume blend.

    “There’s an essential oil for everything and everyone”.

    Go to Wellness@Ten Park Avenue

    Energy: Sharon Hutchinson, Narrandera

    Sharon is a Reiki Practitioner with a holistic approach to life. With Reiki as a focus, Sharon shares the love of natural therapies, releasing negative energy, being mindful, and present in ‘the moment’.

    Reiki is a quite experience. A non-invasive gentle touch is given to areas on your body to dissipate blockages, promote energy flow, relaxation, restoration of energy, harmony and peace.

    Japanese for “universal, life-force energy”, Reiki stimulates the lower and higher frequencies of your being, allowing free flowing energy. This in turn allows you to nurture and heal on all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

    Let the healing work for you.

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