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The Future Journey – Hope, Habits & Action!

It’s time to create a new ‘normal’, and Expect Me has local and trusted practitioners with years of experience in Counselling to get you there.  (See below for a list)

Recent relaxing of social distancing rules has created a light of hope for ‘life to return to normal’. The old normal wasn’t ideal and we’ve reflected on that during ‘lock down’. It’s blaringly obvious now that we want to get our lives in alignment with our true compass; our soul’s purpose.

This calls for us to install mental triggers for action, to ensure we grow out of our old habits (smoking, sleeping in, limiting beliefs, over-eating, drinking, self-worth, lacking etc etc etc).

Counselling services are available now, over the phone and the internet:

Wagga Wagga

  • Anavah Mindfulness and Meditation, Kez Phillips, Wagga Wagga Click HERE
  • Health Retreat at Home, Emma McAuliffe, Wagga Wagga  HERE
  • Tomorrow Man, Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Programs HERE

Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area, Narrandera to Hillston

  • Country Holistic Counselling, Fiona Hart, Hillston HERE
  • Griffith Counselling, Donna Piromalli, Griffith NSW HERE
  • Rachael Huntly, Hand Analyst, Griffith NSW HERE
  • Amy Lauren Demarzo, Leeton HERE
  • DEW – Deral Essential Wellness, Leeton HERE
  • Coaching with Katie, RTT, Riverina NSW HERE
  • Emma Kelly, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Leeton HERE


  • Soul Anchorage, Genevieve Lai, Canberra ACT HERE
  • ACT Academy for Mindfulness, Natalie Crabtree, ACT  HERE
  • Emotional Health Counselling, Canberra ACT HERE

Murray Region

  • Relaxation and Meditation Hub, Echuca Moama HERE
  • Peris Cardiac and Wellness Centre, Berrigan HERE
  • My-Y, Louise Lugsdin, Wangaratta HERE
  • Essential Difference, Rosetta Holmes, Wangaratta HERE

This new start inspires hope in the possibilities of change for the better. “Just do it” (Nike)!

A word of advice – no matter how motivated you are, unless you get up and do something about, as in “The 5 Second Rule”, you’ll lack the ability to enact upon your instincts.

When the alarm goes off, get up!

When you think of someone, call.

When you pour your second drink, STOP!

When you want to go for a walk, get your shoes on, and GO!

You’re wired to have instincts that work in your favour. So respond to them, within 5 seconds. Count “5, 4, 3, 2, 1,…go!”

You may have set some new goals, or need help setting goals to recover from our recent Covid-19 ‘lock down’, and Expect Me is here to help. We want you to have the best in the business right here at your fingertips.

If you missed that opportunity to ‘do something’ to help you benefit yourself personally, here is your second chance. Directory of practitioners offering guidance on mental health, new habits and making goals for myself, click HERE

So the road to change is here. This is how it works:

It may begin as a pathway, or as the Brownies/Guides call stage 1 in their Journey Challenge: Footpath. The myelin sheaths in your brain endorse behaviour, creating a track or pathway of thought that works towards a goal. You’ve been inspired, and you took action, and now you want to do it again.

You’re moving on to stage 2: Road. Your body believes you now. You’ve tried it and it worked, and you’ve got confidence. You still must keep mindful of your choices, careful and aware that you are following instincts that work in your favour. New habits are forming.

Your brain likes you for it, and creates stage 3: Highway. This is now the new you! Be aware, use your indicators, check your mirrors, and see that this is getting you to where you want to go – who you want to be – how you want to live.

Pilates founder, Joseph Pilates was famous for this quote, “You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions.” You’ve got to get out and do it! Trigger the body to move and change, make the motion of movement and your brain re-wires. The path becomes a road, the road a highway – your journey to better health. Get it?

Need help getting started? Expect Me offers you a FREE 15 minute session to understand your needs and who best to help get you on your path to healthy choices, everyday. Get Started HERE.

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