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About Expect Me

Expect Me Wellness Hub is about enabling you to make healthy choices.

Since 2015 when its founder, Jacqui Herrmann began her kinesiology business in Griffith and Leeton, she’s brought on board other complementary therapists to create an interactive directory of over 250 like-minded practitioners – and it’s growing!

Having brought up her young family on a rice farm, Jacqui wanted to create an ever-lasting resource of people who could help support the health and wellness of her family even if she couldn’t get to town, due to boggy roads after rain, or juggling farm and family life.

You’re not remote or isolated – We’re connected! And our practitioners offer online services for you too.

Why Expect Me?

Because if someone is expecting you to turn up, you will.

If you have a running buddy, or a training partner, you expect your partner to turn up too – it’s mutual.

If a specialist has made an appointment for you, you’ll go no matter how far you have to travel for the expertise you need. You’re accountable for your health, and responsible to make the appointment. As a result, a caring, skilled practitioner is expecting you.

For our community: Free introductory offers HERE – Full Directory HERE

For our practitioners: I’ll show you in a 10min interview how the site works for the therapist and their small business, HERE

Online Service providers

With Expect Me, no matter where you live, you can access expert advice online; Click here to find who offers Remote Services or use the Search function.

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If you’re not sure how to choose a service to suit your current health needs, we can help you work it out. Just click on this link ‘Help Me Get Started’ and we’ll get the best professionals in the region to assist with what you need.

Services on Expect Me are located throughout the Riverina/Murray, Canberra and South Coast NSW. Businesses on Expect Me are qualified and certified in their area of expertise, with affiliated associations that guide their Code of Conduct.