Become Healthy Wealth and Wise – Holistic Health Summit

Who are you becoming? Our team is looking for men and women in rural and regional NSW and ACT who are ready to transform for the better, in the Holistic Health Summit.

We bring you 17 of the best health and wellness practitioners to give you life-enhancing tools for immediate improvement to become healthy, wealthy and wise. Visit the Summit – click HERE

The Summit is 7 min sessions addressing three key areas of your life:
1. Empower, Renew, Life’s Purpose and Thrive – for women (includes NLP)
2. Better Relationships, More Energy and Drive – for men (incl. session from Dr Michael Carr-Gregg adolescent psychologist), and
3. Nourishing Soul Vitality for Women (includes Kinesiology)

We know you’re ready for change, and becoming a better person. This is not about getting into The Good Place, with maximum life points! This is about you, now!

With your own kids getting older and more independent, you know you’ll have more time for personal development and self-awareness. So how do you want to start this next phase in your life?

This Summit brings together local, trusted and experienced practitioners to help you take the first step – the context around planning for grand children and active retirement, understanding your whole financial team for successful transition, some better parenting and grand-parenting advice, and some stability and clarity along the way.

We’ll introduce you to the next step in hormonal balance, hydration and calm – with meditation techniques too! Conveniently all here in the Summit. Just one click to a treasure trove of knowledge for you, right now – a 24/7 Summit conveniently on your device, anytime and anywhere you are. Visit the Summit now – click HERE

10 Free Offers from Health and Wellness Therapists, Wagga, Moama, Wangaratta, Leeton and Griffith

Here are 10 FREE Offers to help you get started on your wellness journey.

Let’s CONNECT with our practitioners – and see what Free Things they have to offer you as part of their service to better understand how they can help you and your family’s health and wellness (Wagga Wagga, Moama, Wangaratta, Leeton and Griffith NSW)

Let’s ENGAGE in the activities they offer us at no cost.

Let’s TRY new experiences, look at our lives with new eyes.

Let’s LEARN about what we need, how to get it, and who can help us reach our goals.

Let’s FIND the best service for us, right now.

Let’s GROW on our journey with support from local practitioners with expertise in each chosen modality.

Let’s INTEGRATE what we know into our lives, everyday.

Let’s GET STARTED – here are our local practitioners and their offers, with their compliments:

  • Free online Meditation Classes, with Bronwyn Buller at Relaxation and Meditation Hub:
    • Zoom ‘live’ experience
    • 30 mins
    • Beginners to Advanced – highly flexible delivery
    • no experience required – Call Bronwyn to find out days and session times on 0474 146582


  • FREE online Wellness Coaching – Come and Try days with Amanda Mannes, Accept Health
    • Click JOIN to get involved now
    • Concludes end of June 2020 – ask Amanda Mannes about her nutrition coaching too.
    • Call Amanda today to achieve your goals – phone 0417 228 295


  • Lou Lugsdin, My-Y Counselling and Coaching, offers a FREE download:
    • Wheel of Life Personal Development Tool – when you subscribe to her My-Y Community. See details HERE


  • Amy Lauren’s Fitness offers a FREE Consultation to find the best place for you to start:
    • “Drop a Dress Size” program
    • Personal Goals & Motivations
    • Fitness Classes -1:1 Instruction
    • Call Amy today! 0421 765 885


    1. Release barriers to happiness
    2. Reduce stress around money
    3. Improve confidence
    4. Phone Katie Luca on 0407 198 460 for a FREE consultation


  • Free Consultation! Rachael Huntly Scientific Hand Analyst will help identify:
    • your ‘soul’s blueprint’,
    • what REALLY makes you content, and
    • who you are meant to become in this lifetime.
      If you’re curious about what your hands tell about YOU, call Rachael today on 0410 025 253.


  • FREE Diffuser Trial and Personal Care Package with Essential Oils for the whole family. Ideal for:
    • Work and Study spaces
    • Bedrooms and Quiet areas
      Wellness at Ten Park Avenue, with Sue Gavel, call 0427 533 863  –  Start your FREE Trial today!


  • Anavah Mindfulness and Mediation offer FREE Meet and Greet! Chat with Kez about using techniques such as:
    • Yoga and Breath Work,
    • NLP & Timeline Therapy,
    • Mindfulness
    • Meditation 1:1 or classes
    • Create peace, calm, flow – Call Kez Phillips on 0420 282 69


  • Soul Vibe Kinesiology, – Call for a FREE 15min Consultation, to decide on the best way your body wants to release:
    • Stress, pain, tension,
    • Out of date belief systems,
    • Identify and release sabotages
    • Reduce sensitivities
      All of this released through Vibrational Kinesiology (such as healing frequencies from Tibetan Bowls, Tuning Forks, Tibetan Bells, Tintures, Dawson Program combined sounds, Crystals, Colour Therapy) with Jacqui Herrmann – call 0427 552 369 today!


  • Optim-M Health & Life with Christine McCarron, offers a FREE consultation to discuss any health concerns, such as:
    • lacking energy,
    • mood – feeling flat or emotional,
    • trouble sleeping,
    • hot flushes,
    • immune boosting and more. Call Christine Wednesday to Saturday on 0427 001 271

We’ve made it easy for you to choose a suitable practitioner in health and wellness.

There’s a world of local wellness expertise to choose from! Visit full Directory

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The Future Journey – Hope, Habits & Action!

It’s time to create a new ‘normal’, and Expect Me has local and trusted practitioners with years of experience in Counselling to get you there.  (See below for a list)

Recent relaxing of social distancing rules has created a light of hope for ‘life to return to normal’. The old normal wasn’t ideal and we’ve reflected on that during ‘lock down’. It’s blaringly obvious now that we want to get our lives in alignment with our true compass; our soul’s purpose.

This calls for us to install mental triggers for action, to ensure we grow out of our old habits (smoking, sleeping in, limiting beliefs, over-eating, drinking, self-worth, lacking etc etc etc).

Counselling services are available now, over the phone and the internet:

Wagga Wagga

  • Anavah Mindfulness and Meditation, Kez Phillips, Wagga Wagga Click HERE
  • Health Retreat at Home, Emma McAuliffe, Wagga Wagga  HERE
  • Tomorrow Man, Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Programs HERE

Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area, Narrandera to Hillston

  • Country Holistic Counselling, Fiona Hart, Hillston HERE
  • Griffith Counselling, Donna Piromalli, Griffith NSW HERE
  • Rachael Huntly, Hand Analyst, Griffith NSW HERE
  • Amy Lauren Demarzo, Leeton HERE
  • DEW – Deral Essential Wellness, Leeton HERE
  • Coaching with Katie, RTT, Riverina NSW HERE
  • Emma Kelly, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Leeton HERE


  • Soul Anchorage, Genevieve Lai, Canberra ACT HERE
  • ACT Academy for Mindfulness, Natalie Crabtree, ACT  HERE
  • Emotional Health Counselling, Canberra ACT HERE

Murray Region

  • Relaxation and Meditation Hub, Echuca Moama HERE
  • Peris Cardiac and Wellness Centre, Berrigan HERE
  • My-Y, Louise Lugsdin, Wangaratta HERE
  • Essential Difference, Rosetta Holmes, Wangaratta HERE

This new start inspires hope in the possibilities of change for the better. “Just do it” (Nike)!

A word of advice – no matter how motivated you are, unless you get up and do something about, as in “The 5 Second Rule”, you’ll lack the ability to enact upon your instincts.

When the alarm goes off, get up!

When you think of someone, call.

When you pour your second drink, STOP!

When you want to go for a walk, get your shoes on, and GO!

You’re wired to have instincts that work in your favour. So respond to them, within 5 seconds. Count “5, 4, 3, 2, 1,…go!”

You may have set some new goals, or need help setting goals to recover from our recent Covid-19 ‘lock down’, and Expect Me is here to help. We want you to have the best in the business right here at your fingertips.

If you missed that opportunity to ‘do something’ to help you benefit yourself personally, here is your second chance. Directory of practitioners offering guidance on mental health, new habits and making goals for myself, click HERE

So the road to change is here. This is how it works:

It may begin as a pathway, or as the Brownies/Guides call stage 1 in their Journey Challenge: Footpath. The myelin sheaths in your brain endorse behaviour, creating a track or pathway of thought that works towards a goal. You’ve been inspired, and you took action, and now you want to do it again.

You’re moving on to stage 2: Road. Your body believes you now. You’ve tried it and it worked, and you’ve got confidence. You still must keep mindful of your choices, careful and aware that you are following instincts that work in your favour. New habits are forming.

Your brain likes you for it, and creates stage 3: Highway. This is now the new you! Be aware, use your indicators, check your mirrors, and see that this is getting you to where you want to go – who you want to be – how you want to live.

Pilates founder, Joseph Pilates was famous for this quote, “You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions.” You’ve got to get out and do it! Trigger the body to move and change, make the motion of movement and your brain re-wires. The path becomes a road, the road a highway – your journey to better health. Get it?

Need help getting started? Expect Me offers you a FREE 15 minute session to understand your needs and who best to help get you on your path to healthy choices, everyday. Get Started HERE.

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Hand Analysis – Your Unique Blueprint Revealed

Your personal blueprint is literally in your hands – are you ready to discover yours?

With the scientific analysis of your fingerprints and the lines on your hands, hand analysts identify four key pieces of information that will help you answer these questions:

  • Why do I feel like there’s something more for me?  If there is, then what is it?
  • What is my life’s purpose? I feel lost at the moment and want answers.
  • I want to discover my inherited gifts, but I don’t know what they are?

Expect Me Connect recently interviewed Rachael Huntly, Hand Analyst, who introduces Hand Analysis for us – interpreting your unique and personal blueprint to how you think and feel:

Rachael reveals how your life’s experiences are reflected in the lines on your hands. Not only are you born with a blueprint, but the lines in your hands can show your personality traits and what has happened to you over the years. By comparing your life’s journey with your life’s purpose, Rachael interprets how best to guide you to happier, more content and fulfilling days ahead.

View video here:

We ask Rachael the difference between Hand Analysis and palm reading here, with two distinct differences:

  • Palm reading is about the future and predictions (where you’re going); whereas
  • Hand Analysis is a scientific approach to your innate nature and your life’s purpose (who you’ve been, and who you are)

You can also understand Hand Analysis through your fingerprints. Your fingerprints determine your “Life School”, which is a way of putting into categories the analysis for you:

  • life lesson (lowest ranked print),
  • your gift markings (the lines on your hands),
  • your life purpose (highest finger prints)

So as you can see, there is a lot more to Hand Analysis that you can learn here in one reading. We suggest you contact Rachael to get started on your road to discovery. Rachael offers a FREE Initial Consultation to see that her services are a ‘fit’ for your goals.

Contact Rachael, call her today HERE to find out how to give yourself permission to have the life that was intended for you.

If you’re not sure where to begin with your wellness journey, Get Started HERE and our Expect Me Wellness team will contact you directly to work out your next step forward.

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Adapt to Change, Good for your Brain

Brain elasticity is improving as we adapt to the recent Covid-19 upheaval.

‘Brain Elasticity’ is our ability to create new pathways of thinking. “In response to stimuli, the brain remodels itself by reorganising existing neurological circuits, by generating new neurological circuits, and by dendritic growth”*.

We’ve had to:

  • remodel our lifestyles,
  • reorganise our schedules,
  • generate new habits,
  • find ourselves working in new directions, with new technology, and
  • branch out into new networks (dendritic growth).

Our pathways in the brain are being reformed to include this unprecedented experience for many. The most common reference point has been the “Spanish Flu” over a century ago.

We’re now in uncertain times, and our brain is working hard to keep us alive; thrive, survive.

We’ve seen the flight/fright response in impulse buying in supermarkets, and the unfortunate increase in anxiety due to the uncertainty of the impact the virus has on our lifestyle, school, events and employment.

This ‘survival mode’ response by our body and mind, also impacts our spiritual wellbeing. We have seen on social media supportive evidence that ‘we’re all in this together’ which is helpful in times like this knowing we’re not alone and we have a Tribe to which we belong.

Perhaps our day of judgement has arrived? This form of Armageddon is an adjustment to our lives. It’s revealing the truth of our existence, who we are, where we belong and what matters to us. And this is where I’d like to pause for a moment………

Herein lies the gem. The pearl of wisdom. The seed of innovation, adaptation and survival.

“Adapt and thrive” is a concept that leaders across the world instill in their plans for sustainability and future success.  Alfred Russel Wallace and Charles Darwin identified the adaptation of the species essential for the evolution of the animal and plant world **

Nowdays, we offer a Wellness Coach or Personal Trainer to help support you through the process of change; essential for your personal evolution and survival.

Get Started with Expect Me Wellness NOW

For a supportive program to get you through this challenging time, Get Started here on Expect Me. We’ll connect you with a wealth of local, personal expertise in holistic health and wellness, each step of the way.

We can help you with installing helpful patterns for you: body, mind and spirit, such as:

  • better breathing techniques with Online Yoga and Meditation (Physical, Energy)
  • energetic re-balancing using the subtle energy of Reiki, Kinesiology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming and ThetaHealing (Energy)
  • improve the availability of nourishment and energy from your food and diet with a Naturopath or Dietitian (Nutrition)
  • positive mindset and movement with Personal Trainers and Wellness Coaches (Physical, Relationships)

Choose to Get started with expertise from Expect Me practitioners HERE

As you continue to adapt and thrive, your brain with thank you. It takes perseverance and commitment to make changes until they become the ‘new normal’ and Expect Me Wellness Hub is here to guide your transition into and through to the new era.

*Psychiatric Advanced Practice Nursing; a Biopsychsocial Foundation for Practice, by  Eris F Perese.

**Wallace, Darwin and the Origin of Species



Top 5 tools to reduce stress amid COVID-19

We need calm, empowerment and planning to manage in these uncertain times.

As you well know, the Covid-19 virus, known also as coronavirus, is creating a world-wide change in our attitudes, our lifestyles, and our ability to manage the everyday living needs during this time. It has adverse effects on every part of our life.

Amidst the changes around us causing adverse effects on our lives, we are also challenged to expose our vulnerabilities – personal, social, technological, technical and more! This is a time for ‘community’, wellness and support.

So what can you do to manage your levels of stress and anxiety?

Our 5 top suggestions are:

  1. Physical Distancing alongside Social Connection – Follow the Australian Health Department’s guide – wash your hands, good hygiene, social distancing and avoid large crowds – but also stay connected with your loved ones – give them a call, say ‘hi’, share your story with someone who cares.
  2. Contact one of our local counselling services (see list below)
  3. Hear what the professionals are saying to you, your kids, your community (Special report on schoolTV, Unicef advice for parents)
  4. Read widely, and breath deeply – your survival response is being triggered, so calmly get context around your thoughts.
  5. Use technology wisely to inform you, but not absorb you to a point of distress. Turn off your tv if necessary, and limit the time you spend watching or hearing news television or social media news.

Local counselling services providers here on Expect Me Wellness Hub include:

If you would like to connect with local counselling, psychology or social worker services for you, your family or friend, GET STARTED with Expect Me and we’ll help put you in touch with the right people to help. We offer a FREE 15 minute consultation to hear you.

If you’re a parent or carer wondering how to manage your child or teenager’s stress and anxiety on this topic, we suggest schooltv’s Special Report HERE, with one of Australia’s leading adolescent psychologists, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg.

The Australian Government health department has an official response HERE suggesting how we can protect ourselves and others from spreading germs, with some simple guidelines. These include good hygiene, social distancing, and avoiding public gatherings. Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are HERE on the department’s website.

Emergency Mental Health Contacts for our region are HERE when you need them.

Remember, we’re all in this together, and Expect Me brings you the best in the business to help you and your family. HOME

What is Access Bars, how does it work for stress relief?

Having heard the phenomenon of Access Bars  as a new modality in health and wellness, Expect Me invited practitioner Melissa Walker of Balance YourSelf, Wagga Wagga to help explain what Access Bars is, and how it works to reduce stress.

What is Access Bars?

“So Access Bars is a modality that was introduced by Gary Douglas. There are 32 points on the head and each point correlates to certain things in your body or your life, so it could be joy, happiness, decisions, attitudes and beliefs – things like that.

“As a practitioner, we gently touch those Bars, those points on our head that we call ‘Bars’, and it slows the mind down to Theta state. it’s so relaxing, most people fall asleep.”

“It removes judgement and brings you to more of a conscious level of living” says Melissa.

“…When you slow the mind down, you’re actually gifting something to them – it’s a whole process of just receiving – we’re all just givers and givers. It’s a process where you just receive, throughout your whole body, and every thing changes.

So I ask the question, “As you receive the energy through the lines on the bars, do you release energy and stress as well?

Melissa says with a smile, “You feel like total relaxation and total calm – you don’t stress about the small things anymore.

“Think of mind like a computer, where you just keep opening tabs, opening tabs, opening tabs. Then you open a calculator – when your Bars are being run, it slowly closes those tabs, and everything gets filed away – you don’t lose it, it’s still there when you need it  – but your mind becomes more clear in your everyday life.

“The things that worried you yesterday seem so much smaller or non existent today. That’s how it works.

“Total clarity, everything is so much clearer, and easier – everything is easier.

As Melissa is small business owner of Balance YourSelf, I ask the obvious question, “Is this something you can do on yourself?”

“Yes it is. I usually run 3 different sets of Bars on myself, depending if I’m laying down or sitting up. Some of the positions are a bit hard to do on yourself so it’s a matter of practice.

“People can come in an have a couple of Bars run, get some energy moved around their body and get a feel for it.”

How long does it take to have your ‘Bars run’?

A normal session time for children is about 30 mins,  and for adults I like to allocate a full 1 hour for the session

At the appointment:

“When someone comes to see me, I have a medical form that I get them to fill out – and they complete a questionnaire (numbers 1-10) for stress and anxiety and I get them to compare their stress or pain levels before the session with what it’s like after a session. People can actually see how they feel afterwards.

It’s typical in an appointment to keep your clothes on, and lie straight on your back. Pillows or aids to assist lift your legs can be added to make you feel more comfortable. Your face is gently touched as you relax and release tension and stress.

Who should see an Access Bars Practitioner?

“I see a lot of clients with pain, who have had recent surgery, after rehabilitation… dissipates the pain and swelling in the body. Some clients have had anxiety and depression, people with migraines.

“People with migraines have really great results. I also have clients who have fibromyalgia and it’s made a difference to them too.

“It changes the energy in the body. We’re all energy, as you know. It changes the energy around the body – things move constantly once you’ve had your Bars done.

The benefits of ‘having your Bars run’

“Short term benefits for a client after a session include reduced mind chatter, total clarity – everyone gets off the treatment table and say “I feel so much lighter”. Gradually over the days, some clients realise that they don’t have their pain anymore.

How often should I have my Bars run?

“I don’t recommend session times, you can have your Bars run everyday if you like. I say to my clients,  when I feel like my head is getting busy, or if I knock my funny bone and it actually hurts, I’ll get my Bars run.

As we become more attuned to our body and how it talks to us, getting a gauge on our highs and lows, and what we need, we can then identify when we need another session – just like knowing when to get a haircut.

Melissa’s experience tells her, “I always ask my body what it wants and I always ask a client’s body what it needs, what it needs to receive, what I need to gift it. That’s how it works.”

What type of therapist offers Access Bars as a modality?

“A lot of practitioners I have done classes with over the past few years have been hypnotherapists, massage therapists, Reiki Masters and Reiki healers, more along the holistic lines of therapy”.

“I have done quite a few classes with Access Consciousness, but the Bars is what I focus on and the things I’ve learned in other classes and other modalities I’ve done I use in the Bars – I really only promote Access Bars.

“When I first started out, I never intended to set up a business, but I intended to help people having chemo, or people stuck in their life or stuck on a cycle that made it hard to deal with what they were going through. I just practiced and practiced, and as I did more classes with different teachers and other students in the classes, you make something your own.

“There’s been some classes where there have been great students and great teachers, and you take a pinch out of each thing and make it your own.

“Like all practitioners, we all run the same 32 points of the head, some of us do body work (other energies) as well, but we’re all touching the same points of the head. It’s what you do when you’re running the Bars that changes with each practitioner.

Melissa’s key message

To anyone wanting to try Access Bars, “I want to say it to everyone – Just try it once, and see what changes”.

Make an appointment with Melissa today! Melissa Walker is a trusted, reputable practitioner in her own small business, Balance YourSelf Wagga Wagga.

Best Massage Therapists Near Me – Riverina

With so many massage therapists offering a great relaxation experience, it’s difficult to work out which one to choose. So Expect Me has shortlisted the Riverina’s best massage therapists in your local area.

Riverina’s Best Massage Therapists Near Me:

Yass: Impact Performance and Therapy Massage

Henty: Billabong Remedial Massage Therapy

Wagga Wagga: Belinda Spencer Hair and Massage  Life Balance Health and Wellness  Riverina Medical Massage and Myotherapy Circa 1929 Massage and Healing   Balance YourSelf

Temora: On the Move Fitness

Narrandera:  Caring Koala Wellness Centre, Vanessa Hoffmann, Remedial Therapist

Leeton: Tina Nardi Massage Therapist   Baimon Thai Massage

Griffith: Griffith Massage Therapies      Nice2BKneaded, Massage and Wellbeing   Holistic Soul Massage Therapies   Terry Black Sports Injury and Massage Clinic

Yenda: Tegan Richards, Remedial Massage

Jerilderie: Nice2BKneaded, Massage and Wellbeing

Albury: Zen Day Spa Massage   Crawford Massage Therapies, Oncology Massage

Mudgee: a bonus location – Hands on Healing with Donna 

Don’t forget that most massage therapists also offer other related and complementary therapies as well, such as reflexology, cupping, dry needling, sports massage and Indian Head Massage. Discover more about the services your massage therapist offers when you make a booking.

Need help Getting Started? For a FREE phone consultation, Click HERE

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