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Hand Analysis – Your Unique Blueprint Revealed

Your personal blueprint is literally in your hands – are you ready to discover yours?

With the scientific analysis of your fingerprints and the lines on your hands, hand analysts identify four key pieces of information that will help you answer these questions:

  • Why do I feel like there’s something more for me?  If there is, then what is it?
  • What is my life’s purpose? I feel lost at the moment and want answers.
  • I want to discover my inherited gifts, but I don’t know what they are?

Expect Me Connect recently interviewed Rachael Huntly, Hand Analyst, who introduces Hand Analysis for us – interpreting your unique and personal blueprint to how you think and feel:

Rachael reveals how your life’s experiences are reflected in the lines on your hands. Not only are you born with a blueprint, but the lines in your hands can show your personality traits and what has happened to you over the years. By comparing your life’s journey with your life’s purpose, Rachael interprets how best to guide you to happier, more content and fulfilling days ahead.

View video here:

We ask Rachael the difference between Hand Analysis and palm reading here, with two distinct differences:

  • Palm reading is about the future and predictions (where you’re going); whereas
  • Hand Analysis is a scientific approach to your innate nature and your life’s purpose (who you’ve been, and who you are)

You can also understand Hand Analysis through your fingerprints. Your fingerprints determine your “Life School”, which is a way of putting into categories the analysis for you:

  • life lesson (lowest ranked print),
  • your gift markings (the lines on your hands),
  • your life purpose (highest finger prints)

So as you can see, there is a lot more to Hand Analysis that you can learn here in one reading. We suggest you contact Rachael to get started on your road to discovery. Rachael offers a FREE Initial Consultation to see that her services are a ‘fit’ for your goals.

Contact Rachael, call her today HERE to find out how to give yourself permission to have the life that was intended for you.

If you’re not sure where to begin with your wellness journey, Get Started HERE and our Expect Me Wellness team will contact you directly to work out your next step forward.

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