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10 Free Offers from Expect Me Health and Wellness

Here are 10 FREE Offers to help you get started on your wellness journey.

Let’s CONNECT with our practitioners – and see what Free Things they have to offer you as part of their service to better understand how they can help you and your family’s health and wellness (Wagga Wagga, Moama, Wangaratta, Leeton and Griffith NSW)

Let’s ENGAGE in the activities they offer us at no cost.

Let’s TRY new experiences, look at our lives with new eyes.

Let’s LEARN about what we need, how to get it, and who can help us reach our goals.

Let’s FIND the best service for us, right now.

Let’s GROW on our journey with support from local practitioners with expertise in each chosen modality.

Let’s INTEGRATE what we know into our lives, everyday.

Let’s GET STARTED – here are our local practitioners and their offers, with their compliments:

  • Free online Meditation Classes, with Bronwyn Buller at Relaxation and Meditation Hub:
    • Zoom ‘live’ experience
    • 30 mins
    • Beginners to Advanced – highly flexible delivery
    • no experience required – Call Bronwyn to find out days and session times on 0474 146582


  • FREE online Wellness Coaching – Come and Try days with Amanda Mannes, Accept Health
    • Click JOIN to get involved now
    • Concludes end of June 2020 – ask Amanda Mannes about her nutrition coaching too.
    • Call Amanda today to achieve your goals – phone 0417 228 295


  • Lou Lugsdin, My-Y Counselling and Coaching, offers a FREE download:
    • Wheel of Life Personal Development Tool – when you subscribe to her My-Y Community. See details HERE


  • Amy Lauren’s Fitness offers a FREE Consultation to find the best place for you to start:
    • “Drop a Dress Size” program
    • Personal Goals & Motivations
    • Fitness Classes -1:1 Instruction
    • Call Amy today! 0421 765 885


    1. Release barriers to happiness
    2. Reduce stress around money
    3. Improve confidence
    4. Phone Katie Luca on 0407 198 460 for a FREE consultation


  • Free Consultation! Rachael Huntly Scientific Hand Analyst will help identify:
    • your ‘soul’s blueprint’,
    • what REALLY makes you content, and
    • who you are meant to become in this lifetime.
      If you’re curious about what your hands tell about YOU, call Rachael today on 0410 025 253.


  • FREE Diffuser Trial and Personal Care Package with Essential Oils for the whole family. Ideal for:
    • Work and Study spaces
    • Bedrooms and Quiet areas
      Wellness at Ten Park Avenue, with Sue Gavel, call 0427 533 863  –  Start your FREE Trial today!


  • Anavah Mindfulness and Mediation offer FREE Meet and Greet! Chat with Kez about using techniques such as:
    • Yoga and Breath Work,
    • NLP & Timeline Therapy,
    • Mindfulness
    • Meditation 1:1 or classes
    • Create peace, calm, flow – Call Kez Phillips on 0420 282 69


  • Soul Vibe Kinesiology, – Call for a FREE 15min Consultation, to decide on the best way your body wants to release:
    • Stress, pain, tension,
    • Out of date belief systems,
    • Identify and release sabotages
    • Reduce sensitivities
      All of this released through Vibrational Kinesiology (such as healing frequencies from Tibetan Bowls, Tuning Forks, Tibetan Bells, Tintures, Dawson Program combined sounds, Crystals, Colour Therapy) with Jacqui Herrmann – call 0427 552 369 today!


  • Optim-M Health & Life with Christine McCarron, offers a FREE consultation to discuss any health concerns, such as:
    • lacking energy,
    • mood – feeling flat or emotional,
    • trouble sleeping,
    • hot flushes,
    • immune boosting and more. Call Christine Wednesday to Saturday on 0427 001 271

We’ve made it easy for you to choose a suitable practitioner in health and wellness.

There’s a world of local wellness expertise to choose from! Visit full Directory

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