Feeling Loopy? Rewire for the New Year!

As we near Christmas,  it is inevitable to see patterns emerge, and a sense of “looping” and feeling stuck in a repeating cycle of events, behaviour or thoughts. Is this you?

The New Year is our chance for change, evolution, re-imagining!

We make choices on what to keep, what to leave, what to nurture, and what to let go. This is the Choose in a cycle of behaviour. We are lead by our own beliefs, what we are told to be true, and what we perceive as our needs and values.

Once we Choose, we then Project – we find ways to make these choices real, incorporating our choices in everyday life – who we speak to, what we work for, why we do what we do, where we go and how we get there.

The third step is to Receive – being aware of how your choices are being realised, how your values are being played out in your activities, relationships, words, thoughts and dreams.

As we Reflect, we ask: Is what is happening now aligned with our choices? Am I feeling fulfilled, happy, valued? Where did I go off track? And how can I make this better next time round? All very useful to evolving personally, and making the best opportunity of your life and circumstances. Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, adolescent psychologist uses the phrase “What Went Well and Why” created by Dr. Martin Seligman, the founder of the Positive Psychology movement.

Looping is about feeling stuck, seeing patterns reform, yet not knowing how to move beyond their grasp on your thoughts and actions, which sabotages your ability to move into a new cycle. The body’s ego or protective mechanism for survival wants to maintain the familiar, and protect it from change or disruption.

To escape this cycle, our thoughts need to be redesigned, redirected and re-imagined!  Ego needs to be told it’s okay to change and evolve, and step out of our comfort zone.  Change is going to hurt! Yes. “Pain is inevidable, misery is optional“, says Hyrum W Smith.

If you’re ready for evolution and personal development, Expect Me has the practitioners to assist you on your journey.

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