Your Body Doesn’t Lie, Book


“Your Body Doesn’t Lie”, 1979
206 pg, paperback

Everything you see, hear, touch, or smell affects your body’s vital energy. Renowned physician John Diamond explains and proves how this happens in this classic, interactive guide to holistic well-being. With special pictures and short readings, you’ll test yourself, feel the results, and start applying his simple, energy-enriching techniques to your everyday activities.

“Your body doesn’t lie” will show you how to reinvigorate every area of your life, including work, diet, exercise, sports and music and art expression, as well as increase your overall productivity.
Accessible and easy to understand, this invaluable guide will help you avoid physical problems before they occur, raise your awareness of your life energy, and use its amazing power to promote true wellness and good health.

Unlock the power of your natural energy!