Trying For Our Health, Finley NSW

Is your family experiencing sensitivities, allergies, or challenging health issues? Could it be something in your home? Lyn Pascoe has been on a journey of recovering from some ill health and now wants to help you with healthy choices for your family.

This is Lyn’s story:
“I am motivated to share some of the things that helped me recover my family’s health after a bumpy three years.  So I started a little venture called ‘Trying for our health’  to retail Abode Healthy Home Products and magnesium salts. I also sell a small range of alternatives to single use plastic.

I am passionate about Building Biology after my own experiences in learning about how our built environment influences our health.  I am a proud stockist of Nicole Biljsma’s ‘Healthy Home, Healthy Family’ book and the Abode Healthy Home Products range. I retail it in regular and bulk sizes. Want to try? Click HERE for Lyn’s 80g Trial Washing Powder Sachet. SHOP

My family uses magnesium salts daily in our baths.  Recommended by our health practitioner it has made a big difference in our lives.

I sell Blants salts in a range of sizes.  The range includes Epsom Salts, Magnesium Bath Flakes, Dead Sea Salt, Sodium Bicarbonate, Borax and Himalayan Sea Salt.  I also sell a Bath Salts Mix.

Talk to me about bulk sizes if you are a regular user of salts. I’m trying for my family’s health and I encourage you to try too.”

Lyn’s shop is opposite the Post Office in Finley, now stocking health food products including gluten free options. Visit Lyn’s website HERE

Contact Lyn to arrange local pick up or discuss options for delivery.

3/28 Pinnuck Street, Finley 2713

Opening Hours
Afternoons on Mon,Wed, & Fri and open Saturday mornings

Remote Services

Price Range
$4.50 – $125

Abode Healthy Home Products, Care Products

Contact Information
Lyn Pascoe 0423 206 590

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