The Vault – Performance Training Hub, Wagga

A functional facility with all that is necessary to aid in the development of better movement, better mindset, and a well rounded environment for those aspiring to be better.

Emphasising on mobility, range of motion and correct movement patterns- Skill development, and overall progression to obtain relative strength and gymnastics standards.
With no limits.

Within these walls I hope to build a community of support,
A place for the motivated and determined..

Our bodies are designed to move, this functional training focuses on training movement patterns rather then isolation.
Correcting posture and muscle imbalances by incorporating full body movement to increase strength, endurance and boost metabolism.

Each session includes flexibility, mobility, core, balance and strength principals to keep it fresh and consistently challenge you to become better in all facts of movement.

No matter your current fitness level – No more with the -when I was, I use too’s, I could have or 20 years ago.. And the what if’s
How would you be if every time you answered with something from the above with
– You currently are focussing on yourself,
You are giving your body quality unprocessed foods,
You are moving your body in ways you always have and should continue to do so,
Your learning new skills, and developing old ones to be more efficient along with building friendships and teaching those & yourself,

Everyone has a mountain to climb, don’t do it alone…

Wagga Wagga, NSW

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Price Range
$5 – $50

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