TBC, FREE Kinesiology Demo, Wodonga


Nikki Barrett of Revelation Kinesiology will demonstrate some really nifty techniques to keep you in balance. See how muscle testing really works and why ……

Nikki will demonstrate:

  • the jaw and its role in the health and wellbeing of our bodies – head, shoulders, knees and toes!
  • the importance of nutrition and hydration
  • how energetic imbalances (such as emotion, trauma, stress) can have physical effects on our body

During the demo, some of the attendees will be able to experience first hand how Kinesiology works.


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Location: Orana Yoga and Wellbeing Centre, Melbourne Road Wodonga VIC
Time: Date to be determined, 6.30pm – 8.00pm
Contact: Co-host, Jacqui Herrmann, Soul Vibe Kinesiology on p. 0427 552 369


Nikki Barrett
p. 0417 245 072

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