Soul Vibe Kinesiology, Leeton, Griffith, Albury

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Do you clench your teeth? Is your gut upset? Are you heading for greatness and want the winning edge, or just looking for your life’s purpose again?

2-visit special offer: $129*
First visit – Energy Alignment of the Auras, Chakras and Meridians, jaw tension and emotional stress relief, and hydration analysis, plus this will reveal the core source of your anxiety/pain
Second visit – Energetic Fitness analysis and alignment, Stress and Tension analysis, Systems hydration and personal energy release.
Normally $160
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Using kinesiology we can unveil what your body is telling you – how your body responds to sensitivities, stress and emotion. We can also find imbalances in nutrition and energy, their causes and how to best bring you back into ‘optimal health’.

The muscle-testing technique of kinesiology is explained HERE, and is a useful way to connect to the library of stories and traumas held in your subconscious; body, mind and spirit.

FREE  – 15 min consultation and energy balance on ZOOM, online or over the phone. Call now!

Revive & Thrive Wellness Package – A program to reignite your wellness and vitality:
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Ear candling:
If your ears are waxy, or you need relief from sinus, hay fever or congestion in the head, we can assist with powerful, effective ear candling. Also use body candling for insect bites, stings and nettles.

Opening Hours
Daily 7am-7pm. Internet appointments available.

Leeton*, Griffith*, Wagga Wagga, Albury, Deniliquin and Canberra

Remote Appointments
Yes, online for regional communities


Vibrational Kinesiology, Muscle Testing Workshops
Ear Candling
Kinergetics, Reiki, Touch for Health, and TMJ (Jaw) Reset

Contact Information
Jacqui Herrmann: 0427 552369

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