Soul Vibe Kinesiology Appointment with Jacqui Herrmann, Albury


Discover what your body is telling you, and how to release tension, stress and pain using the muscle-testing technique called kinesiology, with practitioner Jacqui Herrmann at Soul Vibe Kinesiology, Albury.

This offer includes a one-hour visit to:

  • Balance and integrate your Energy flow – Auras, Chakras and Meridians
  • Release emotion stored within the 3 energetic systems
  • Identify subluxations of the spine, or TMJ jaw issues in the skeletal system
  • Hydration, Nutrition and Minerals balance, if required
  • Jaw and TMJ analysis and correction, if required, and
  • Suppressions and Emotional Balance.

Buy now, and Jacqui will contact you for appointment days and times.

$80 per visit