Shane Bird Life Coaching, Canberra and online

Now’s the time to reset and move forward with a success mindset – “I will keep you accountable and on the right track”.

Shane helps people who have been held back in life and are wanting more. Shane uses techniques that work with the unconscious mind, developing a success mindset.

Shane’s offering you an ‘up-to-1-hour’ free consultation to work out what you need to:

  • Elicit and understand the unwanted behaviours/patterns
  • Remove negative emotions
  • Remove limiting beliefs
  • Create empowering future so you can move forward with a success mindset

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Shane’s programs are:

Designed for real life

100% guaranteed you will see results from your hard earned investment.

Shane is a Mindset Coach, Hypnotherapist, and is Battle Hardened – he walks the talk, and will keep you accountable.

Mindset Coach

NLP Certified to Master level. Master Time Line Therapy (TLT) Practitioner. “I have volunteered at many events and worked with many clients. Using NLP and TLT is the fastest method I know to unlocking the high performance Mindset clients are after.”


“I combine my training with many techniques used from Hypnotherapy.  This is a powerful method to re-align the unconscious mind.”

Battle Hardened

“Whether it be life on the farm, in the NZ Army or in front of a rodeo bull, with my experiences clients can rely on my mindset, commitment, confidence and energy. My programs are specifically designed so you can move forward with a success mindset.”

See more about Shane Bird’s personal journey HERE

Sydney, Canberra and online

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Price Range
$150 +

Life Coach, Mentoring, Mindset, Hypnotherapy,  Timeline Therapy, Certified Trainer and Consultant NLP Master Level

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Shane Bird
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