Revelation Kinesiology, Nikki Barrett, Pambula & Merimbula

Make your appointment with one of the best kinesiologists in Australia, Nikki Barrett at Revelation Kinesiology.

Nikki Barrett is a dynamic teacher and practitioner at Revelation Kinesiology. Nikki can assist with all manner of issues including general health and wellbeing; psychological challenges, emotional stress, and spiritual growth, for healers and clients alike.

“If you want to become a SENSATIONAL, confident, competent and well-regarded healer… I heartily encourage you to come along to Integrated Healing.” For details on this and other workshops in 2021, talk with Nikki.

Integrated Healing: Combines the power of Psychology, NLP, CBT, Life Coaching, Quantum Science, Physiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kinesiology and many other modalities, with its own unique methodologies, to give you a profound, yet simple, approach to healing.   This enables new and experienced practitioners to help clients who are seeking deep and lasting relief from a wide range of emotional, spiritual, neurological, mental and physical dysfunctions such as:

Self-Sabotage Programs * Inner Child Healing * Soul Integration * Deep Level Switching * Emotional Bruising * Restoring DNA Environment * Negative Amygdala Memories * Self-Limiting Beliefs * Chamber of Memories * Energetic Cords * Generational Programs * Single-Session Phobia Clearance  * Self-Empowerment * Invasive Energies * Survival Programs * Thyroid * Redundant Vows  * Radiation *  and so much more… Book NOW

Mathilda van Dyk, Co-Founder of Integrated Healing, will be coming to Victoria in May 2019 and she will be teaching all four modules of Integrated Healing as well as three one day Master Classes.

We have decided to hold the series of workshops in the exquisite seaside town of Inverloch, VIC, Australia.  Here you will be able to learn your skills in a gentle, holiday atmosphere surrounded by the ocean; great food; refreshments and lovely walks and long, long beaches.

Perhaps …

  • you wish to learn a healing modality that encompasses pretty much everything you need to know about energetic healing
  • as a healer, you are interested in developing your skills with some outstanding, highly effective tools;
  • you need some well-earned self-nurturing and growth time,
  • as a qualified Kinesiologist, you need to boost your CPD points.

In person (Riverina, Canberra), and online

Opening Hours
Weekdays 9:00am – 5:00pm

Remote Services

Price Range
$75 – $150

Integrated Healing, Kinesiology, Kinergetics Instructor; Integrated Healing “Foundations” Instructor, Magnified Healing Master Trainer, RESET Instructor; Dip Kinesiology

Contact Information
Nikki Barrett
0417 245 072

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