Sep 14 & 19, RESET 1 & RESET 2 TMJ Workshops, Griffith


Two amazing 3 hour workshops that look at the role of the TMJ (jaw) in the overall health of the body.

Visit the Kinergetics-RESET Website  which is PACKED with testimonials of people experiencing recoveries from a massive range of ailments after working with these techniques.

RESET 1 (no pre-requisites, ideal for beginners) create/experience:

  • More stability in hip, knee and foot muscles
  • A more balanced meridian system
  • Less tension in 90% of muscles in the body
  • Less headaches, sinus problems and migraines
  • Improved digestion and assimilation of food
  • More balanced glands and hormones
  • Improved toxin elimination through the kidneys
  • Improved learning ability

RESET 2 (pre-requisite is RESET 1) create/experience:

  • A quicker RESET 1 correction
  • Headaches/Migraines relief
  • Fight/Flight/Freeze release
  • Sinuses, Bladder, Ankles strength
  • Tinnitus relief
  • Leg strength in Muscles
  • Knee problems relieved
  • Correction for Electromagnetic Sensitivities
    And more……..

Location: MIA Rural Fire Headquarters, Wakaden Avenue, Griffith, NSW

Time: RESET 1 is Saturday 14th September, 6pm – 9pm, RESET 2 is Thursday 19th September, 6pm – 9pm
Contact: Jacqui Herrmann, 0427 552369 or

$100 each session

Nikki Barrett
p. 0417 245 072

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