Remind Therapies, Wagga Wagga

We have found the secret to life and success and we’re passionate about sharing that with everybody!

Our dream is to ‘Remind’ people of their wholeness.

You are the complete package, already! There may simply be some programming in your mindsets that need a tweak, and we can totally help you with that!  Call Rob now on 0422 614 141 or book a FREE 20min ‘meet and greet’ call HERE

Life is amazing! Filled with possibilities and endless opportunities! But too many of us are plagued by negative emotions from past experiences, that create limiting beliefs and limiting decisions, holding us in a ‘stuck’ pattern of “I’m not good enough” or “I can’t do it.” Living lives of anxiety, depression and stress. Desperate for meaning yet feeling inadequate.

The good news is that change is possible and easy! And it doesn’t take months of counselling to be free of those limitations. It is simply a change in the way you process the information, and that’s where we come in.

For an extension of our services, we include Anavah Mindfulness and Meditation with Kez Phillps for online yoga classes, meditation techniques and in-person classes. Book a “meet and greet” with Kez HERE. See our page on Expect Me HERE

1/132 Fitzmaurice St, Wagga Wagga

Opening Hours

Remote Services

Price Range
$40 – $100

Holistic Health, Courses, Stress Relief, Quit Smoking, Weight Loss, Brain Integrations

Contact Information
Remind Therapies
Rob Cunningham
0422 614 141


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