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Bronwyn Buller, at Relaxation and Meditation Hub will help you learn to build skills to reduce anxiety, manage stress and worry, produce more positive changes in response to anger inducing situations, get help with sleep disturbances, enhance memory and concentration, decrease rumination (over-thinking) and so much more.

Meditation facilitator, Bronwyn says, “Meditation has become a stable routine in my daily life. I have found it to be such a support after experiencing adversity. It has helped me identify an inner strength and has taught me to live in the present moment (rather than focus on the past or worry about the future).

See Bronwyn’s video “Gentle Tips for Setting Up Your Meditation”, click HERE

“Feelings such as anxiety, stress and worry no longer feel so intense – I am calmer, more centred and more resilient. I am more at peace and more comfortable with who I am.

Bronwyn helps you to use breath work to create calm, and techniques for training the mind to focus on the present moment. One on one appointments are a great opportunity for Bronwyn to incorporate her counselling experience, mindfulness techniques, and guided body relaxation.

“Three years ago, I became so passionate about meditation and it’s benefits that I decided to study and become a Meditation Teacher. I am now accredited with the Australian Meditation Association of Australia and have recently committed myself to more learning commencing the study of ‘Meditation to support pain, grief and dying’…… I have also had more than 10 years experience as a Generalist Counsellor and AOD Counsellor running groups and conducting 1-on-1 counselling sessions.

So if you suffer from panic or social anxiety, other social disorders that make you feel uncomfortable, or just need stress relief management as a path through a difficult time in your life, then Bronwyn can assist you.

“There is now lots of proven scientific evidence showing that Meditation can:
  • build skills to reduce anxiety, stress and worry
  • produce more positive changes in response to anger inducing situations
  • help with sleep disturbances
  • enhance memory and concentration
  • decrease rumination (‘chewing the cud’ or overthinking) and so much more.

“Meditation doesn’t need to be made difficult, you can begin with 5 mins a day and it’s appreciating the fact that our mind will wander!

“So, be curious and give me a call or send a message. I’m happy to talk with you about what may suit your needs. You may ask “Why body relaxation’, well, to meditate, it’s important to have a relaxed body.

“There is a variety of techniques and skills and all meditations and body relaxations are compassionately guided by the facilitator.

The Hub offers individual 1-on-1 sessions and group sessions. If you have never meditated before then try a progressive body relaxation or join the beginners group.  Call Bronwyn now for an appointment.

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