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The Region X Story:

Paddling to mystical destinations is one of the simple pleasures in our world and we love it. Viewing ocean creatures, sea grass beds, mangrove forests, being up close with nature day in, day out is a special role we take pride in.

Region X exude passion for our unique coastal environment. We combine local geographical knowledge, Indigenous and European history, environmental impact management, and intimate knowledge of marine and bird life, with the simple satisfaction of completing an achievable outdoor adventure experience.
Whether it’s discovering an army of soldier crabs for the first time, getting close to stingrays and other marine life in our Glass Bottom Kayak Tour, sampling freshly shucked oysters straight from the river, or experiencing the rush of trying an activity for the first time, we will facilitate awe inspiring discovery for you and your friends and family.
If you are concerned or confused about which tour or experience to book, give us a call on 1300 001 060 or send us a message on Facebook, as we emphasise matching our guests with our range of specifically tailored products.
Why Region X?    Region X was started by owners Josh and Kate Waterson in Patagonia, after years of co-running high-end river expeditions in Chile. The provinces in Chile are numbered 1 -12 in Roman Numerals from North to South, and Josh and Kate guided experienced kayakers on the best and most challenging rivers in the tenth region: “Region X”. The name just stuck.
During their 5th Patagonian summer season, Kate and Josh received welcomed news from an Argentine border doctor of a baby on the way. As a result, they headed back to Batemans Bay – a place familiar to Josh and his family – to grow a family of their own and commit to starting the Australian “arm” of Region X

…Twelve years on, and Region X is now the leading tour operator in the Batemans Bay region, making their mark in Ecologically Sustainable Tourism in Australia and around the world. Come and be a part of their story.

Mossy Point Boat Ramp, Batemans Bay

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