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Reiki & Relaxation experience.

“It is my belief that with application and practice, anyone can transform Mind, Body and Spirit…through Reiki”, says Beverley Cook, here at Rare.

Reiki is an holistic healing technique for reducing stress and enhancing relaxation….it allows “everyone” to access an unlimited supply of “life force energy”.

This can improve your health and enhance the quality of your life.

Through Reiki’s energy work we can find a balance between Mind, Body and Spirit. Once awakened, Reiki healing becomes an essential nutriment of ‘Everybody’.

Getting married? How about a pre-wedding relaxation pamper package? Talk to Bev for details.

Need to share your care? Bev provides relaxation/relief for Palliative Care patients as well. She’ll travel to you too, if you’re not able to travel locally. Talk to Bev about your needs.

Bev also offers Attuned Chakra Crystal Kits (9 crystals), Study Enhancers, Rescue Me, Stress Reduction, Fertility Enhancer, Kidney Cleansing and Mountain Climber Kit (when you’ve just gotta get things done!) – Shop here.

Try Bev’s comprehensive home de-cluttering service, click to link to Bev’s Clutter-bugz.

Opening Hours
Daily, by appointment

72 Yanco Avenue, Leeton NSW 2705

Remote Appointments
Yes, locally

Price Range 
$10 – $85


Attuned Chakra Healing Crystal Kit – $35 + P&H

Reiki, & Relaxation, crystal healing, home de-cluttering service

Contact Information
Beverley Cook 0437 966 698

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