Rachael Huntly, Hand Analyst, Griffith NSW

Show your palm to Rachael for scientific analysis to gain insight into your life’s purpose. Rachael is an artists and innovator within her local community.

A word from Rachael: “For Women who want to lead a purpose driven life…My Scientific Hand Analysis Reading provides you with your unique blueprint. Unlike other mentors and processes we uncover your PURPOSE and gain direction.”

This is a personal experience, and is unique to you.

This is not a fortune-telling service, rather a reveal of your life’s purpose, personal gifts to nurture and share, your life’s lessons and what to teach others, what innately drives your desires, and how you express yourself in this world.

Gain insight, understanding and acceptance of your life’s purpose. Become the woman you were designed to be.

Rachael will schedule a FREE Consultation to identify your needs, and then will post you a Hand Analysis Kit to complete and return to her. Rachael will then guide you through a series of 4 key interpretations of your hands’ fingerprints and line markings, to reveal your personal blueprint. Not only that, she’ll help guide you to understand the way forward that’s best for you, personally.

Gain fulfillment, reduce feelings of guilt, and understand why there is more for you to gain in this life. Call Rachael today!

Barellan Street, Griffith NSW

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Remote Services

Price Range
$40 – $100

Scientific Hand Analyst

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Rachael Huntly
Call Rachael HERE on 0410 025253


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