Challenge Fitness at the Bower, Liz Fulop, Broulee

Remedial massage – Release stress, tension from your body with a massage that can be remedial or relaxation focused depending on your wants & needs.

Liz uses many different techniques including Myofascial Release, deep tissue, trigger Point therapy, active release therapy and stretching techniques to unwind knots and release tension and fatigue from your body.

Yoga – Liz will take you through a beautiful yoga session that will help build focus, relaxation, improve flexibility not just in your body but also your mind!

Using breath to move energy through the body and help unblock any stagnant energy!

Personal training – If getting sweaty is your thing Liz will challenge you with a fun personal training session designed just for you.

The Bower at Broulee, South Coast, NSW

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday 9am – 7pm

Remote Services

Price Range

Remedial Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Health Coach

Contact Information

Elizabeth Fulop, Challenge Fitness at the Bower
Call Liz on 0435297873

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