Optim-M Health & Life, with Christine McCarron

What is your dream? Are you as healthy as you want to be?

Are you tired, moody, anxious, struggle sleeping, feeling bloated, have aches and pains, kids not eaters or they struggle with life, to name but a few common concerns, or do you feel pretty fit but simply want to go further and have more energy for sport, family, life in general?

“At ‘Optim-M Health & Life,’ I help to change lives by promoting optimum health and wellbeing by providing you and your family with what you want, and what you need that is sadly missing from our modern diets, through nutritional supplements and advice” says Christine.

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The key to your good health begins with cellular communication and supplying your body with what it needs. If your body can’t communicate it’s needs how can it heal, defend, regenerate and thrive, especially with the stress and toxic environment of modern living.

‘Optim-M Health & Life,’ is backed by a company with twenty-five years’ experience using science and research to develop safe, all natural and innovative dietary supplements and products, that in my opinion are unrivaled in the health and wellness industry and simply are unable to be replicated.

Whether you need support with general:

  • Health and Wellness,
  • Skin Care,
  • Sports Performance or
  • Weight Management;…… I can help you with your goals.

Contact me for a chat, visit my FB page for some tips and watch out for my lives.

Let’s see how I can help you and your family be happy and healthy.

Wagga Wagga, NSW

Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday 9am – 5pm, all other times by appointment

Remote Services

Price Range
$10 – $200

Wellness products, Nutritional supplements, Real Food Solutions – nothing synthetic

Contact Information
Christine McCarron
0427 001271
email optimmhelathlife@gmail.com

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