NOW, Holistic Health Summit for Rural and Regional NSW/ACT

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7 mins that could change your life! In fact, we are sure that what our 17 practitioners will share with you in their 7 minute presentations will help you make positive changes to your life right away! All sessions are recorded to make it convenient for you to watch when you can.

Choose, Watch & Learn, Redeem: purchase your chosen practitioner sessions, and an email will confirm video links and special offers. This will contain all free offers and special gifts and downloads for your improved health and wellbeing.

Create your own selection of helpful health tips, including parenting teenagers, active retirement, self-care and hydration, vitality and life’s purpose – for men and women!

Location: Online – Just “Add to Cart” – visit the Summit HERE
Time: anytime – it’s a 24/7 health summit for your convenience
Contact: Jacqui Herrmann at or 0427 552369

$11.99 per session

Jacqui Herrmann
0427 552369


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