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Lou Lugsdin at My-Y Coaching and Counselling Service wants you to join her My-Y Community. With Louise you’ll discover her programs including MindFit Ability.

MindFit Ability is the ability to develop and strengthen our Mental and Emotional Fitness by exercising our minds and incorporating mental health strategies, tools and workouts into our daily lives.

We all want to live amazing, empowering and happy lives. And, we can, if we have MindFit Ability. That is, if we are mentally and emotionally fit.

But, MindFit Ability doesn’t just happen! We need to work at it, exercise our minds and participate in daily MindFit Ability activities.

Just as people go to the gym to be physically fit. We also need to do MindFitness workouts to be mentally and emotionally fit.

Start your MindFit Ability journey with the Wheel of Life Personal Development Tool. We all need to start somewhere and The Wheel of Life is a great place to begin. It provides an insight into your life right now and the level of happiness you are experiencing.

As a special gift for subscribing to the MyY Community, you will receive The Wheel of Life Personal Development Tool for FREE.

Just “Add to Cart”. Then you’ll hear more about the MindFit Ability and other programs that Lou has for you to discover.