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Lou Lugsdin – MyY – Creating Change – Achieving Results!

Lou’s passionate about:

  • Working with Rural men and women
  • Providing services for Rural Australia – remotely and face-to-face!
  • Rural people having access to Top Quality professional services!

Move forward with Lou! Call Lou today on 0408 370 757.

MyY is all about moving forward and making positive changes necessary to start living a life you will love.

As a Life and Career Coach, Personal Development Consultant and facilitator, and Counsellor, Lou Lugsdin is passionate about helping people to achieve their personal, life and career goals. With over 20 years’ experience in the Education field, Lou inspires people to live balanced, happy, and successful lives.

Lou’s Coaching, Consultancy and Counselling Programs have been designed to unlock the self-awareness required to help achieve your personal and professional goals, no matter your age or stage, sharing essential techniques to keep the spokes on your life wheel firmly in balance.

Lou believes that personal and professional development opens the doors to endless opportunities. She uses internationally proven techniques and strategies to turn your dreams into goals and reality via increased confidence and continual action.

Lou is well-equipped to help you reach your full potential. Not only does she provide 1:1 Coaching and Counselling Services, she also educates, by mentoring, training, facilitating, and profiling using tailored programs to meet your personal needs.

MyY was the result of Lou’s passions for education and desire to provide much needed services to support to those who are either struggling and feeling the pressures of busy lifestyles or those who want to raise the bar and achieve even more success.

For you, there is a strong focus on:

  • Moving forward
  • Creating positive change
  • Building strong relationships
  • Developing effective communication skills
  • Becoming an efficient decision-maker and problem-solver
  • Practical strategies and tools to achieve high levels of mental and emotional fitness
  • Team Building
  • Positive Culture
  • Goal setting and action planning
  • Beating Procrastination

Services – Available Remotely and Face to Face (pending COVID-19 restrictions)

  • Life Coaching
  • Career and Performance Coaching
  • Personal Development Mentoring and Coaching
  • Personal Development programs – 12-month programs available – 1:1 and for groups
  • Online Personal Development Programs – 13-week group programs
  • Workshop Facilitation & Training Programs
  • E-DISC Profiling
  • Counselling

FREE Workshop:  “How to beat procrastination and become more productive”

  • 1 Hour
  • Suitable for workplaces, businesses, teams, groups, schools
  • Available via ZOOM or face to face

Start your journey moving forward with a free workshop, one-on-one, or a free 40 minute Discovery Call to discuss a program to suit your needs – Call Lou today on 0408 370 757.

Lou is also a guest speaker in the Holistic Health Summit for Rural and Regional NSW/ACT – and you can access your 15min interview HERE (incl set of 6 free downloads)

Wangaratta and Online

Opening Hours
By appointment

Remote Services

Price Range
$60 – $600

Counselling, Personal Development, Wellness Coaching Services, Workplace workshops, Consultancy

Contact Information
Louise Lugsdin
0408 370 757

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