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Let Louise Lugsdin work alongside you to create an awareness of your Why……to identify your motivations and aspirations driving you forward. Call Lou today on 0408 370 757.

Because YOU really can do anything! And you should! Why not! Knowing your “why” is the first step – then the WHEN, WHERE, WHAT & HOW fall into place!

Turn your thoughts into words, and say them out loud! Life can be hectic and overwhelming. Going to a counsellor is a proactive way of looking after yourself, putting yourself first, and making your health and well-being a priority.

Make great decisions, achieve personal and professional success, and navigate life’s challenges.

E-DISC Profiling: E-DISC is a well renowned tool used in over 55 countries. It provides us with insights, challenges our thinking and offers new perspectives on ourselves and those around us. Learn what we do what we do, and why we don’t do what we don’t. Use this new knowledge and an increased self-awareness to make great decisions about your future and find a career you will love.

My Success Consultancy – How to really do anything you want to: This is a Workshop and Consultancy designed to educate, empower and inspire students, teachers, schools, parents and workplaces. We help you create a fulfilling life, make great decisions, successfully achieve personal and professional goals, and find a career that motivates and excites you.

My Y – Personal Development Workshops: empower, inspire and educate! Designed to support you to create a fulfilling life, motivate you to turn your dreams into reality, and provide you with tools to live the life you love! Each workshop is designed to unlock the self-awareness required to achieve personal and professional goals, no matter what your age or stage. We’ll explore and engage techniques to keep the spokes in your “life wheel” firmly in place.

Special offer – Start your MindFit Ability journey with the Wheel of Life Personal Development Tool.
We all need to start somewhere and The Wheel of Life is a great place to begin. It provides an insight into your life right now and the level of happiness you are experiencing. As a special gift for subscribing to the MyY Community, you will receive The Wheel of Life Personal Development Tool for FREE. Subscribe by “Add to Cart” here on this page. Or, visit the SHOP for details on this special offer.

Wangaratta and Online

Opening Hours
By appointment

Remote Services

Price Range
$60 – $160

Counselling, Personal Development, Wellness Coaching Services, Workplace workshops, Consultancy

Contact Information
Louise Lugsdin
0408 370 757

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