Leesa Turner, Brain Gym & Intuitive Mentor, Bateman’s Bay, South Coast

Leesa Turner is a fully qualified Brain Gym Consultant/Instructor and also an Intuitive Spiritual Mentor and is located in Malua Bay on the South Coast.

Brain Gym works by using gentle, easy and effective intentional movements and kinesiology balance processes to balance the body- whether the goal is for children with educational opportunities, or for adults who are looking to achieve goals, reduce stress, or invite overall increased wellbeing.

Movement is critical for child development. Children learn by moving their bodies to experience their outer world through their senses, and it is through this movement they are able to bring new information into their body for learning new skills.

Brain Gym uses specific intentional movements to target specific areas of the brain to enhance skills such as visual skills, reading, writing, balance, coordination, focus, comprehension and behaviour.

Brain Gym sessions are held in person in Leesa’s clinic in Malua Bay. Leesa’s Intuitive Spiritual Mentoring sessions can be held in person in the Batemans Bay area and also online.

Leesa is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs in their businesses however can help clients in many other areas. She combines Energetics (Quantum Physics, Law of Attraction and other Energy practices) with practical business knowledge and your own unique gifts to create personalised methods to apply in your business.

Leesa provides easy, grounded, practical advice and steps to spiritual entrepreneurs to clear the doubt and fine tune their direction, as well as mentoring for people who are going through the Spiritual Awakening process and need general support and guidance.

Bateman’s Bay and beyond

Opening Hours
Please contact Leesa for an appointment

Remote Services

Price Range
$50 – $100

Intuitive Healing, Spiritual Business Mentoring, Brain Gym

Contact Information
Leesa Turner
0418 600 302


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