‘A Time to Heal’ with Jacqui Cooper

As an intuitive empath with a passion to enable others to feel joy, love, and personal power in their hearts. My journey continues to lead me to embrace the Healer within.

I am a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Energy/Chakra Healer, Theta Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, Soul Advisor and Spiritual Medium, and offer other spiritual mediums as you need them.

Readings (I prefer to call them Psychic Healings) are a means to find answers to questions beyond your grasp, answers to your past, strength in your present, and wonder in your future.  Below are ways of discovering the best way to follow your perfect path:

Physical and Energetic body scans, Angelic Whispers, Guidance from your personal Spirit, Divination tools, Crystals/Pendulums or Psychometry (personal objects). These are just some examples of directions that may help you heal and move forward with confidence.

My passion is to help you stand in your own power, and for you to feel peace and joy in your heart. Empower yourself; feel you have meaning for your future and are able to stand in front of that mirror and love yourself – allowing others to bask in your own light.

Opening Hours
By appointment

Remote, via internet or phone

Remote Appointments

Psychic Healings, Reiki, Meditation, EFT Practitioner
Chakra Cleanse, Skull Attunements

Contact Information
Jacqui Cooper
0407 275 271
website and jacqui.cooper@hotmail.com

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