H&S Metalcraft, Murrumburrah

My name is Johannes Smeets, I am the artist blacksmith behind H&S Metal Craft, together with my wife Susan. We are based at Murrumburrah in NSW, which is a small town about 120kms north-west of Canberra although I am originally from the Netherlands (Limburg) right on the corner of Belgium and Holland.

I have always tried to create art by drawing with having held a lifelong desire to use my hands creatively. I enjoy the excitement and energy that creating art brings to me – Picasso and Salvatore Dali are two of my favorite artists which shows through in some of my pieces.

I have travelled to a few places in this world and witnessed many beautiful things, but I feel most at home in Australia as I have always loved the Australian scenery. I come from a family of “kuipers” (what we call here in Aussie a kind of blacksmith). My father was also a person who enjoyed working with his hands and created a lot of copper artwork.

You can see my works online, or visit me and my wife Susan in Murrumburrah, on the Walter Burley Griffin Way, between Canberra and Griffith.

Opening Hours
Monday to Sunday 9am – 5pm


Remote Appointments

Price range
$35 – $1000

Artist blacksmith, wall art, creative designs.

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