Health Retreat at Home, online with Emma McAuliffe

Create and implement strategies, and access expertise in holistic health to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle, with Emma McAuliffe.

“We’re like an ‘online gym’ where we provide you with the expertise and resources to conduct a personalised daily training and wellness plan, for your body and your mind.

Emma speaks with you directly online, which suits people living in rural and regional areas. Get the expertise you need conveniently, without having to travel.

Click here to hear from Emma for a free 15 min consultation to get you started.

“We believe wellness comes from a balance of the mind, body and spirit. That’s why we take the approach of looking at health from a holistic perspective and why we have all come together to form a professional community to provide even more services and support by working as a team.

“Health Retreat at Home is Life coaching service with membership options to suit everyone’s needs. We are primarily a life coaching service, with regular check-ins and support, but in addition we team up with local natural health therapy providers from different specialities, who then join our community to provide even more benefits for our members and assist us in developing personalised programs where necessary.

“We take a personalised and holistic approach in helping you overcome your barriers to change so that you can achieve your goals in every area of life. We understand the link between the mind, body and spirit and know that health and happiness is achieved when they are in balance.

Online, Wagga Wagga and beyond

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