Green Tea in 3, Riverina

We’re 2 nurses (and mums) who believe that prevention is better than cure. 

For years we’d heard about the amazing preventative health benefits of green tea, but neither of us liked the green tea taste so we often missed out.

While we were running our Slow Tea Company (our original business), we realised that we weren’t alone in our green tea frustration, and in 2013 we came across an amazing organic (100% natural) green tea & fruit extract that could be poured straight into a water bottle, and it tasted delicious! 

This extract contained 265mg antioxidants per serve, no sugars, no sweeteners, and no calories, and the best part was that the taste was delicate and pleasant, with no bitterness or aftertaste. We were sold!

We went ahead and chose our three favourite blends (apple, blueberry, and peach) to create our very own range for people who are just like us, either trying to drink more water each day, maybe trying to quit sugary drinks, or simply wanting all of the amazing health benefits of green tea but without the strong green tea taste.

Now we’re boosting our health and wellbeing one delicious sip at a time…are you with us?

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Opening Hours
Daily, appointments essential

Remote Services

Price Range
$4 – $110

Hydration teas for Diabetes type 2, Weight Loss, Travel, Gut health

Contact Information
Jodie and Vanessa 0409 039 263

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