Grassland Poultry, Wellington

Some things can’t be rushed along. We think poultry is one of them.

Great tasting poultry comes naturally when the birds are free to forage, choose what they like to eat and grow at a natural rate. So everyday, Bryan and Kim Kiss move the Grassland Poultry chickens, ducks and roosting shelters to fresh pasture on their 1,500 hectare property near Wellington, NSW.

“For us, it’s more than just producing chicken meat; it’s about having access to healthy, ethically grown food that tastes great. We wanted to be able to eat well and have faith that a product is truly healthy and regenerative. It’s not always easy to find poultry that ticks those boxes.”

Better Taste and Texture:
When mother nature has the time and space to take its course the outcome is beyond any high-intervention model we’ve been able to develop. She really knows what she’s doing. Our poultry has the old Sunday roast flavour so many have long forgotten, it doesn’t shrink in the oven and it’s loaded with nutrients and goodness… All because it’s produced as naturally as possible.

Wellington, NSW (purchase via phone)

Opening Hours
Daily, phone orders

Remote Services

Price Range
$15 – 50

Ethically farmed, slow-grown, truly free-range poultry
Smoked chicken products, recipes

Contact Information
Kim and Bryan Kiss 02 6845 3655
Twelve Mile Road, Wellington, NSW 2820

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