Heal Your Life & Beyond – Megan Lench, Berrigan


Forensic healing – This powerful healing modality uses bio-feed to read the body’s energy fields to identify the cause and blocks in your life.

Once Megan helps find what causes of your condition, she is able to balance those conditions with you. Conditions such as negative life patterns, financial blocks, relationship and other stresses, pain in your life, stress-anxiety, depression, fears and phobias, and allergies such as hay fever and eczema can all be identified in this process.

Megan also addresses nutrition, chronic illness, hormonal balancing, PMT, and performance building techniques. Megan is able to assist with issues relating to self-esteem and learning difficulties.

And if you’re looking for inner peace and tranquility, and resolving past hurts, Megan has the tools to share with you to manage better outcomes.

Facial Blyss – This technique uses nothing but our caring hands to melt your stress and allow your natural health and beauty to shine. Your face will be glowing and people will notice the new you.

Facial Blyss firms, moistens and tones your skin – a mini facelift. It improves the immune system, removes tension and negative emotions, creating a positive perspective and clarity of mind whilst re-energising the body, mind and spirit.


18 Flynn Street, Berrigan  NSW

Opening Hours

Remote Services

Price Range
$80 – $120


Forensic Healing for Babies – $80

Kinesiology, Facial Bliss and Forensic Healer

Contact Information
0408 974 718

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