Feb 1, Reiki 1st Degree Course, Canberra

Sue Silva is one of Canberra’s most accomplished spiritual leader.

In this Reiki 1st Degree 1 day course you will be given tools to create healing change in your life.

Reiki is a gentle yet powerful healing modality that never causes harm. What is Reiki?

Reiki attunement from Master to student ensures a safe and complete transfer of Reiki energy that is a gift for life. We use Reiki to create positive change in our bodies mind and spirit healing on many levels.

The gift of Reiki is that we can assist others to heal themselves through a Reiki healing session, this works for all your loved ones such as pets and plants too.

This Certificate course comes with:

  • Reiki Healing manual
  • Full Attunements
  • Learning of Reiki Symbols
  • History of Reiki
  • Learning hand positions for treatment
  • Practice of giving and receiving of Reiki

    Full workshop cost is $280 with a deposit of $100 to secure place with remaining balance due by date specified. Small classes supporting the student.

Location: To be confirmed on registration
Time: 1pm – 4pm, Saturday 1 Feb, 2020
Contact:  Facebook page is best HERE

$280 per person (early bird discount applies)

Traditional Usui Reiki, Canberra

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