Emotional Health Counselling Services, Canberra

Ilona Nichterlein is an experienced counsellor, hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. In addition, she is a certified practitioner of “The Body Code”, Psych-K and is a Master of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

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Ilona’s Hypnotic Gastric Band – talk to Ilona about this remarkable weight loss hypnotherapy program. It is a non-surgical technique, which uses the power of hypnosis to retrain the mind to accept and enjoy healthy eating patterns, and to be satisfied with smaller amounts of food.

The Emotion Code – Ilona does a form of energy healing called The Emotion Code, where she helps people literally get rid of their emotional baggage. The technique works to identify and release trapped emotions, which are harmful emotional energies from negative past events.

Same sex/gay couples counselling – there is no difference between Ilona’s approach to heterosexual and homosexual couples, other than any specific issues that arise for homosexual partners.

Beating Performance Anxiety for students – Ilona is a retired Deputy Principal and has been a secondary English teacher for 32 years. She is very familiar with those sensitive students who fail to do their best due to nervousness and anxiety in test situations. The purpose of the program is to support students to perform at their very best.

Marriage, Relationship and Family Counselling – Few marital issues, however big, are unsolvable if each partner truly wants to repair the relationship.

Most fights are about emotional disconnection and this relates closely to poor communication skills. Love is an ongoing process of losing and recreating emotional connection. People have affairs because they are lonely and have lost emotional connection with their partners.

What’s needed to make my relationship flourish?

All couples in a marriage or relationship need:

  • Emotional security and a sense of safety with one another;
  • Variety and stimulus in daily life together;
  • Love and emotional connection through regular, honest communication;
  • A strong sense of significance from the partner – each feeling she/he is a priority and very special to the other.

Are any of these basic human needs going unmet in your relationship?

Ilona teaches couples how to fulfill each other’s needs and how to recover quickly after a fight. The fighting is actually not the problem; it is the ability to recover after a conflict that is the most important factor in creating or maintaining a healthy marriage.

As a trained and very experienced therapist, Ilona helps you find the real underlying issues and then systematically eliminate them.

Ilona is experienced in working with couples over Skype.

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday 8:00am – 6:00pm

Garran, ACT 2605 (ACT and region)

Remote Appointments

Hypnotherapist, Emotion Code, Performance Anxiety

Contact Information
Ilona Nichterlein (nee Sparber)
0411 046 175
02 6282 1372

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