Divine Wellbeing and Yoga, Wagga Wagga

Come and relax into a sense of peace & presence like you’ve never felt before….

WelcoYOGA-SUTRA-314me to Divine Wellbeing – where you can come back to yourself, take time to re-connect with your heart and leave feeling more nourished and balanced.

First time practicing yoga? NO WORRIES.

We invite you to come and discover the yoga practice that’s right for you. You will be guided and supported every step of the way by our caring yoga teachers.

At Divine we offer you over 15 yoga classes weekly along with a diverse range of courses, retreats and workshops designed to help empower you to live more fully from your heart and create a stress free, balanced life.

Divine Wellbeing is the longest standing yoga studio in Wagga Wagga and is owned and operated by Danny Freemantle.

Danny, supported by a team of dedicated professionals, is the perfect guide to take you on a journey to optimal health and life balance using the ancient and proven healing arts of:

  • yoga,
  • breathwork,
  • ayurveda,
  • meditation,
  • movement therapy,
  • massage therapy,
  • nutrition,
  • herbal medicines and
  • counseling to provide a holistic and integrated natural health service.

Relax, be happy, enjoy life!

We offer yoga classes & lessons servicing Wagga Wagga and all surrounding suburbs. Yoga classes Ashmont, Yoga classes Bourkelands, Yoga classes, Turvey Park, Yoga Classes Lake Albert, Yoga Classes Boorooma, Mount Austin yoga lessons , Tolland yoga lessons, Kooringal yoga classes, Yoga classes Tatton, Yoga lessons Gumly Gumly, Yoga classes Glenfield

Wagga Wagga

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Price Range
$60 – $500

Yoga Classes, Meditation, Private consultations

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