Clutter-bugz de-clutter service, Leeton

Improve your living space by sorting and de-cluttering with Beverley Cook.

Bev is sympathetic to the cause, and having moved so many times can vouch for the need to keep the clutter to a minimum.

Find the blockages in your home, traffic flow resistance, and the buildup of junk in an area or room. Perhaps there’s an energetic reason for the flow not happening? Or is it all just too hard to manage on your own?

Bev can help, and loves to help you create a clearer living space where you feel free, relaxed and happy.

Free appraisals, so call now – don’t put it off any longer!

Opening Hours
Daily, by appointment

Leeton and surrounds

Remote Appointments

Price Range 
Free appraisal

Comprehensive de-cluttering service

Contact Information
Beverley Cook 0437 966 698

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