Aug 5, Everyday Kinesiology for Beginners, Leeton


Learn kinesiology!

Find out what’s good for you, the source of your discomfort, and use muscle testing to make better choices. This unique workshop involves full participation and learning.

  • How to ‘zip up’ to give you everyday energy and better brain integration
  • How your feet are connected to your jaw in trauma and fright/flight mode
  • How your body responds to sensitivities
  • What your muscles are trying to tell you about stress and emotion
  • Why your body holds blockages, and how to release them
  • Auras, Chakras and Meridian matrix (the subtle energy world) and how it’s integrated

Listen to your inner self, connecting to spirit and a practical way to find what’s best for your “optimal health”.

Join us, in a friendly non-judgemental environment, for all ages and backgrounds. Men, women and children welcome. Please bring a bottle of water for refreshment. Wear comfortable clothing.

This Come & Try morning includes elements of Touch For Health, Dawson Program, Applied Kinesiology, Kinergetics and Vibrational Kinesiology.

Healthy refreshments provided. Please wear comfy clothes and bring a bottle of water with you.

Location: Carter Family Chiropractic Clinic, Kurrajong Avenue Leeton NSW 2705
Time: 10am – 1pm, Sunday 5th August, 2018
Contact: Jacqui Herrmann, Soul Vibe Kinesiology on 0427 552 369

$70 per person

0427 552369

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