Anavah Mindfulness & Meditation, Wagga Wagga

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At Anavah Mindfulness and Meditation you become part of a beautiful community of people who are willing to listen within, connect with themselves and the world around them, and learn to be in harmony and balance. Call now

Meet Kez Phillips; offering connectivity and community through online meditation classes.

We practice guided meditation as well as Mindfulness and learn about different techniques, postures and other styles of meditation, to enable those who are willing, to find what works for them.

We also offer Time Line Therapy (R), NLP, Counselling and hypnosis for those with lingering negative issues. Visit Remind Therapies (Anavah’s business partner in health and wellness).

It is our heart to see people be free to be themselves, so we are there to empower you on your journey of discovering and creating who you are.

1/132 Fitzmaurice Street, Wagga Wagga

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Remote Services

Price Range
$20- $80

Mindfulness Classes, Guided Meditation, Hypnostherapy, NLP, Time Line Therapy, Online

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Kez Phillips
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