Amy Lauren’s Fitness, Leeton

2020 is your year for Fitness, Health and Support with Amy Lauren’s Fitness!

It’s time to stop wasting money on fads and time to start investing money in something that will help you in the long run, give you support and guidance and give you food ideas that are tasty and won’t make you feel like giving up.

I want to work with people with a can do attitude not a oh I will try this. You can try but if you say I’m going to do it and actually do it that’s where you will see results with a ‘can do’ attitude.

No more lacking motivation because in my books motivation doesn’t exist some days you will be jumping out of bed ready to do this while others you will feel like you don’t want to. It is when you know that you want this and actually do what you have to to get there is where you will see results.

I have lost 20kg since starting my journey which is why I became a personal trainer I have a passion for wanting to see others succeed with their fitness lifestyle!

Helping people with their health and fitness is my passion.

I am qualified to instruct Metafit classes, and boxing for fitness and pregnant and post-natal ladies.

Opening Hours
8am mornings, 6pm evenings daily

Mountford Park, Leeton

Remote Appointments

Price Range 
$10 – $60


Personal Training, Fitness Classes

Contact Information
Amy Demarzo
Call Amy on 0421 765 885

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