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Amanda Elliott is passionate about supporting and nurturing people to live their life with empowerment, to overcome life’s obstacles and develop their unique abilities and skill set to create a life where they have the highest level of opportunity to fulfill their passion and purpose.

Amanda reconnects people with who they really are, and guides them to nourish that connection through the many techniques, knowledge and experience, that she herself uses, to support you with new ways of ‘being’ in your own life.

Amanda hails from the Riverina/Snowy Mountains area and is a country girl at heart. Contact Amanda on 0428 839 557 Call now

Amanda’s work involves offering individual appointments, group programs and workshops (either online or face to face) that support people of all ages to heal and recover from the past and build on their strengths to enjoy an improved quality of life.

“I am passionate about creating positive change and supporting people to heal and develop themselves through the newest and latest techniques that have supported many people all over the world – including me- to positively engage with themselves and each other.

“My individual appointments are available in person and online, and support people of all ages to manage emotional triggers, heal and recover from their past and build on strengths and positive beliefs to enjoy an improved quality of life and optimistic outlook. My clients have been consistently delighted with their results from these sessions and techniques with significant outcomes gathered from mainstream health funding- it’s exciting, it’s fun and new!

“I combine my certifications, skills and abilities in Theta Healing, Usui Reiki Mastership, Access Bars and other Intuitive energetic healing and meditation techniques with insights from my academic qualifications, in the following:

  • Community Services and Social Work studies
  • Trauma Training for High Needs Children
  • Suicide intervention training, and Training and Assessment group work
  • Experience in womens’ crisis accommodation
  • Youth Worker in a range of settings and crisis situations”.

These unique appointments, workshops and programs for adults, youth, and children create positive improvements to personal levels of self-esteem, self-worth and overall wellbeing in a fun, intuitive way that offers tools and insights for personal insights, healing and growth.

Amanda is happy to answer any questions or inquiries about her services through her Facebook pages messenger preferred, text or 10 minute phone call- . at no cost. Contact her today on 0428 839 557 Call now

Amanda offers sessions to a wide niche with many sessions for adults, youth and children offering therapeutic benefit for anxiety, depression and stress- with the recent addition of the Emotional Freedom Technique- EFT Tapping which is approved with the Australian Association of Social Workers and Australian Counselling Association as an approved clinical therapeutic technique.

Clients also seek Amanda’s services for:

  • Intuitive psychic senses improvement
  • Intuitive Card and mediumship readings
  • Crystal services, and
  • Product sales – Young Living Essential Oil products (which Amanda uses as part of her client sessions).

Her clients are diverse and include:

  1.  Mums that are seeking soul soothing and healing for themselves and their children and have found little relief elsewhere
  2.  Regular customers that have monthly appointments to release stress and increase their understanding of what is possible for them and how it positively affects their mind, body and Spiritual connections, and
  3. Ladies that maintain their positive outlook and productivity by maintaining their self-care.

Individual sessions are available in person or via video linkup and are suitable for those of any age that are seeking positive emotional and mental change that often produces physical improvements and are compatible with your current medical advice.

There are a number of options to choose from which include a variety of energetic techniques for you to enjoy, that are fun to be part of and make a positive difference long after your appointment. Contact Amanda on 0428 839 557 Call now

Group workshops and programmes are for all ages and are based on:

  • the Beyond Blue Framework for Resilience
  • The Resilience Doughnut methodology
  • incorporate Healing Centred Engagement
  • and informed by the Bio-Psycho-Social framework to which the additional Spiritual components often offer added insights and connection when requested.

These workshops and programmes are strength based and focus on positive personal empowerment with added education on tools and techniques that each of us can choose to add to our lives to improve our overall perspective and motivate us toward our goals and full potential. EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique Workshops are soon being introduced online with children’s, youth and adult themes available in a fun and easily accessible format.

Children, Youth and Adult individual support programs are also offered and include an Insight Workbook of tools and techniques for positive change accompanied by personal energetic sessions to release old emotional blocks that surface for release and to enhance positive changes that you are choosing to have.

Please contact me for further information as I would love to hear from you. Contact Amanda on 0428 839 557 Call now

“This is a strong, empathetic lady who is dedicated to helping children, men and women restore their balance “.

Investigate how this #snowymountainsmade woman can help YOU find your balance! Testimonials, reviews and collated data on efficacy of these appointments are available on her Facebook Pages.

  • Amanda Elliott Healing and Training for therapeutic based healing, workshops and programmes HERE
  • Soul Spirit Connections for crystal information, Intuitive insights, card readings and crystal sales HERE

Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper

If you are finding your circumstances and situations are triggering you and impacting your ability to see the positives in your life….there are always solutions available to you.

Ever heard the saying “Cannot see the forest for the trees”?. When we become fixated on problems and worries this can trigger an avalanche of historical events that are not yet healed for you. It adds to the weight of the “Now”….Changing perspectives can really be of benefit and sometimes we need some help and support to do that.

There is always multiple solutions to singular problems. A different perspective will let you see the trees….and the forest…and tracks in and around them all. After all, you choose for yourself what solutions are best for you and your circumstances. Feeling stuck or not being able to even see a solution that includes recovery and a better future can often be a scary place to be.

Need some help? Some perspective? Some tools and techniques to get you through this moment in time? Call Amanda now on 0428 839 557 Call now

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