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Natalie, a Registered Nurse, specialises in classes for self-healing, such as Qigong for chronic disease and Holistic Counselling. Natalie’s classes attract people willing to increase vitality and spiritual connection and healing.

Here at the ACT Academy 4 Mindfulness, Natalie has ensured integrity as an approved training provider with the IICT (International Institute of Complementary Therapists).  Join a class commencing in Wamboin, Canberra, or Retreat Style Classes on the South Coast.

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Natalie’s story:
“I qualified as a Registered Nurse, in 1984; and began recruiting Doctors in London in the early 90’s; I started my own recruitment company in 2000 while supporting my blended family and raising my son from home.   I found myself in complete adrenal fatigue for a few years, stressed out, burnt out.

By 2006 I was diagnosed with Melanoma – a true wake up CALL.  I began meditating with Mindful Movement Meditation in 2006 and have not looked back!

I believe that life is what we create!

Now, after proven results, I realise how important Mindfulness is to healing. We need to maintain our own energy levels, and master our minds, otherwise the disease can come back if the emotional issues causing the disease are not healed.

Everyone is different – what is your next step? Call me and we can find a path and the right tools for you!

I teach a Master Course for Holistic Counselling. This Certificate-level course qualifies people to be Meditation Teachers, Chair Yoga Instructors, and Holistic Counsellors.

This course addresses Mastering our minds, ‘going within’, learning about our personal stress, how this is effecting us, our health, our physical bodies and emotional health, and identifies triggers to stress, when they were formed, and most importantly, how to reprogram them.

For the past 10 years I have practiced, and now teach, a meditation called Self-healing Qigong. This is very powerful for not only healing my own melanoma but anything else coming up for me. Emotionally it’s kept me healthy, so my physical body has remained disease free and healthy.

I have so much energy, I never get tired, and don’t need a lot of sleep either.  I am training with an International Master in Qigong and realising my energy is very similar to his.  I have direct universal energy and God-conscious light coming through me. I see the energy. I see the colour of it, and it’s Powerful… cutting through disease!

I will show people tools to managing their own energy levels, because when energy gets low, we are vulnerable and get sick!

I also give Tibetan acupressure treatments for opening meridians.

We Can Heal!   We Can learn to Heal ourselves.

Through the Mindfulness Course we teach self love and learning to tune in to YOUR INNER PILOT your INNER ESSENCE. As participants, you will learn to listen to what your body is telling you.  With the self healing Qigong practise, healing just occurs.

We guide people with visualisation; a very powerful daily practice which is unlimited to its healing abilities.  This is a routine that, with consistency and practice, gives you a loving essence and balancing everyday.”

To join Natalie’s classes, contact ACT Academy 4 Mindfulness on the number below.

Canberra City locations, and  Kingsley Street Acton, Canberra, ACT

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm

Remote Services

Price Range
$250 – $1200


Mindfulness Classes for  Stress Management – $250

5 x 2hr classes

Meditation, holistic counselling tools, chair yoga, health and wellbeing classes, Qigong

Contact Information
Natalie Crabtree e.
0424 1688 12

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