Accept Health Dietitian & Wellness Coach, Murrumbidgee Region and online

I’m Amanda Mannes, I help people that are motivated to improve their health and thrive!

My clients want to be healthier, fitter, stronger and have more energy. They know that short term dieting isn’t the answer. I teach them about their body and how to manage their nutrition in a way that is right for them as an individual. I support them to change their mindset and provide them with coaching and accountability. This means they can not only stay on top of their busy lifestyles without their health/body’s letting them down but they can thrive! Call Amanda now on 0417 228 295.

I have been a Dietitian for 1.5 decades and live with a chronic condition that causes severe pain and inflammation, I had to work out how to make all my knowledge work in my real world so I could thrive, now I do it for others.

What that means for you:

If you book a Dietitian appointment, I not only work out what would be the best nutrition advice to suit your needs, but we spend time making sure that you have a clear plan that will work for you to implement the changes you need to make given everything going on in your life, so that you can be confident that you can make the changes you need.

Wellness coaching services are also available.  I am level 3 health coach with Wellness Coaching Australia.

If you are serious about making long term changes then coaching is a must.  If you want to implement a change to the extent that it becomes habit, you are trying to change you brain and the way it thinks.  You can’t do that alone. Everyone needs support in one way or another.

If you’re interested in trying wellness coaching to see if is for you, jump on my FREE fortnightly Come and Try Wellness Coaching Meeting.  There is no registration or commitment.  Just mark it in your diary and turn up.

There is more information on my Facebook or email me for more information.

I have a range of coaching options from individual packages to group programs such as Kickstart.  Find out more HERE

The Well Woman’s Membership Program provides women education and coaching services to achieve their goals in a supportive and cost-effective way.  More information on the Well Women’s Program can be found  here on my WEBSITE 

Body composition scanning is available for clients in Coleambally and is taken to pop up clinics in Griffith.  If you require body composition scanning for 15 or more people at your workplace or gym please email for rates and options.  This is only available for business or workplaces within 1 hr of Coleambally.

And finally, if you just want a meal plan to follow, My Healthy Eating Guide is available FREE for you to download HERE

Opening Hours
Virtual (Zoom or phone) Wellness Coaching or Dietetics Appointments – from 6 am (except Monday and Tuesday)
Coleambally Clinic – by appointment only.
Griffith Clinics are usually held every 6 weeks at the Indoor Sports Centre in Griffith, please make an appointment

GRIFFITH: Griffith Indoor Sports Centre, Griffith NSW 2680
COLEAMBALLY: 25 Brogla Place (out of Coly Electrical), Coleambally NSW 2707

Remote Appointments

Price Range
$60 – $160

Nutritionist, Dietitian, Body Composition Scans, Wellness Coach

Contact Information
Amanda Mannes

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