7 Mar, Wellness Tent, Gala Day at Yanco Ag High School

Welcome to the lawns of the historic McCaughey Mansion, as this year’s school Gala Day brings rural families from across the state to visit, enjoy and connect with like-minded people.

Wellness Tent has limited availability:

  • 20 mins for $20 with Indian Head Massage
  • 20 mins for $20 Kinesiology Energy Balance
  • 20 mins for $20 Massage, Remedial, Relaxation Massage

Poetry Dispensary – ask for a poem about any ailment or lament, and renowned poet Sarah Tiffen will prescribe and perform your very own poem to lighten your mood. $5 per poem.

Organic Balms from Big River Herbs, Narrandera. Find out more about their products HERE

Location: Yanco Ag High School, Euroley Road, Yanco NSW 2703
Time: 9am to 3pm Saturday 7 March, 2020
Contact: Jacqui Herrmann on 0427 552369

Cost: $20

Jacqui Herrmann
0427 552369


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