5 Elements of Energy, an online series by Jacqui Herrmann

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Special home learning offer!

Learn at your own pace, with this 5-session online course, bringing together elements of holistic health, by kinesiologist Jacqui Herrmann. Jacqui has combined years of experience into this simple, easy to follow series.

This course includes 5 x 30min sessions on Youtube, delivered to your email or via Messenger.

Tools for understanding and integrating:

  • 7 Auras (personal space, intuitive space and beyond)
  • 7 Chakras (key energy areas and how they relate to your glandular system)
  • 14 Meridians (your acupuncture lines, including Meridian Massage)
  • 12 bio-rhythms (including the effect of the moon, day/night, 24-hour circadium clock)
  • Fright / Flight pendulum (nerves, shut down, recovery and restoration)

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$25 – special offer (set of 5 x 30min)