21 Mar, Postponed Deep Dream Sound Experience, Batemans Bay, South Coast

This event has been postponed until further notice.

Lie back & relax as you are taken on an exquisite sonic journey that will slow your heartbeat & transport you to a deep inner state of peace.

“If mother earth could sing you a sweet song then this is how she would sound. Vanessa’s voice has the ability to lull you into a serene state resembling melting into love and drifting through blue skies.”

“This Deep Dream Sound Immersion is designed to marinade the participant in a sonic journey resonating deeply inside each cell, guiding the brain waves into a theta state, slowing the heartbeat down and gently transporting them into a deep state of relaxation, leaving them feeling peaceful, regenerated and profoundly nourished.

“Using the mystical and primordial vibrations of gongs combined with the sound of the Black Hemp Didgeridoos interwoven by the mystical sounds of the Mayan Temple Drone Flute and sacred chanting, you will find yourself floating into an inner state of calm, where its easier to tune into the knowledge and wisdom of the universe in a more intuitive way.
All you need to do is lie back, chill out and receive”. event website

“I’m still humming from the inside out… I could not recommend these guys enough! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” Katie Johnson, Body Ethos Yoga Sydney

Location: 57 Beach Road, Batemans Bay South Coast NSW 2536
Time: 7pm – 8.30pm Saturday 21 March 2020
Contact: Soul Tribe Studio – Clare 0447617619 or email hello@soultribestudio.com.au – Tickets HERE

Cost: $45 per person

Soul Tribe Studio


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