12-month VIP Renewal

$149.00 / year


We’d love you to continue your journey with us. This is an exciting new phase of growth for Expect Me, and we’re offering you opportunities for collaboration.

To renew, click the “Sign Up Now” button below. You’ll then complete the Checkout process.

Next you’ll be asked to complete a Paid Listing form – please update your clinic/business information, such as:

  1. Business name, address and town
  2. New modality, expertise you offer
  3. Business logo/images
  4. Access to your appointment booking system eg Cliniko
  5. Certificate of Currency (insurance)
  6. New Qualifications
  7. Do you have a health service provider number, certification, or NDIS? Please provide evidence.
  8. Do you have any affiliations that we need to know about? Please provide information.

If you have any questions, please call 0427 552 369 for further information.

*3% fees are applied all e-commerce sales including 0.5% commission and 2.5% PayPal transaction fee

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