12 Keys to Heal Your Heart Program, Sheila Henley


As a Clinical Hypnotherapist & NLP Coach Sheila uses metaphors such as the dandelion and the keys to get a message across to help you move forward from where you may feel stuck in your life.

Sheila has put together an E-Book with the 12 Keys To Heal Your Heart; each key has 12 key points totalling 144 key points:

2 of the 12 keys are Positivity and Listening. The other 10 Keys are Acceptance, Belief, Boundaries, Connection, Dreams, Energy, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Honesty and Love.

The Program Consists of:

  • The 12 Keys To Heal Your Heart  75 page E-Book – You will receive this by email. 
  • 12 audios – The 12 keys To Heal Your Heart (approx 3 minutes each)
  • Guided Meditation –  The Key To Heal Your Heart  (10 minutes)
  • Closed Facebook Page consisting of the 12 audios, guided meditation & The 12 Keys in written form.
Please note when you purchase this package you will receive the E-Book by Email.  
Get started on your journey now – just ‘add to cart’ and follow the prompts.

$25 full program

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